USA East Coast

Our journey began in Fort Lauderdale in early April 2017 and we managed to use over 650 miles of the ICW with just a couple of passages outside the ‘ditch’. We had a great stay in Brunswick Landing Marina, a hurricane hole in Georgia and many boats remain there during summer. We are currently in Deltaville, Virginia to haul out whilst we go to the UK for winter, our first cold Christmas in 7 years.

What a surprise the States was, from the beautiful scenery and wildlife of the ICW to the historic cities of Charleston and Beaufort. We felt totally safe and glad to hear the coastguards on VHF radio after the silence of Cuba. The hospitality of the Americans was incredible and we loved our time moving north.

Our insurance needed us north of 35 degrees North during hurricane season so we headed for the Chesapeake. This is a wonderful cruising ground with countless creeks to explore, even for a deep draft.

It goes without saying that you can buy pretty much all you want here but the Fort Lauderdale Marina fees were the highest we’ve ever paid! Further north you can pay half that.