This lovely harbour gets really busy in the summer but we tend to pick up a mooring buoy outside and use the water taxi to get ashore. Once we were in Lymington during a gale and when we got back to Yarmouth on the ferry the water taxi was on the verge of stopping the service out to the moorings due to the conditions. Fortunately they managed to get us aboard Beyzano on the second attempt as I would rather be on the boat in bad weather than watching her out there on her own from the shore!

There are several good restaurants in the town, including our favourite ‘On The Rocks’ where you cook your own food on a sizzling hot stone. The scallops and steaks are excellent and served with as many chips and bowls of greek salad as you can eat. Booking is essential though – we haven’t been able to get in on a few occasions.

Moored Outside Yarmouth

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