From Alderney we headed through the Swinge to Guernsey but were taken off course to rescue another boat. Our first trip to the Channel Islands certainly wasn’t simple!

There is apparently only one berth in Victoria Marina which can hold a boat with a draft of 2.1m and we were lucky enough to get it when we arrived. The thing they didn’t tell us was that the pontoon was only half the length of our boat!

Does My Bum Look Big In Here?!

Again, a friendly island, stunning views and even a Marks & Spencer food hall opposite the marina – bliss!

Coastline of Guernsey

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  1. Fiona Smart says:

    Hi Guys
    I know it’s a belated bon voyage but I wanted to wish you both lots of luck for your trip and your adventures ahead! It’s great to be able to keep up with you via the blog.
    Love Fiona x

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