St Martin, St Barts & Ile Fourchue

These 3 islands are close together and we visited them in March and April 2014 and March 2015.

We found St Barts overcrowded, rolly and full of expensive designer shops, so not our favourite place. Ile Fourchue is lovely though with several mooring buoys for free and a pretty bay with clear water to swim in. We climbed the hill for a view over St Barts and St Martin. Well worth the walk. There isn’t anything else on the island but the scenery is spectacular.

St Martin has a Dutch side and a French side with a huge lagoon inside 2 bridges. We only anchored off the Dutch side and didn’t go inside as we didn’t want the hull to get covered in barnacles. It was fun watching the ships queue up for the bridge. We also had a good view of the bigger motor yachts squeezing through from the yacht club and their meals are also excellent and good value.

People mainly go to St Martin for the duty free chandleries. Budget and Island Water World have large stores there. Many good restaurants too. We took a bus to the capital and had a wander. All the info is in the Archives for March and April 2014 and March 2015.