Nevis & St Kitts

We passed Montserrat with the smoke pouring out of the volcano to sail on to Nevis. You need to avoid a few lobster pots on approach and keep offshore to avoid the shallows but otherwise the harbour is easy to enter.

Nevis is such a beautiful place and really friendly. It was the first dinghy dock where we were not allowed to lock the dinghy up but didn’t matter. Charlestown is the only place to moor and they have laid 100 buoys, of which about 10 were taken. Quiet with a stunning beach and mountain beyond.

Clearance is a bit more involved, with a visit to the Customs office, then the Police Station, then the Port Authority and finally back to Customs! Took over an hour to get it all done but the cost for the week on the mooring buoy, including all the fees for environment and port was only 153 $EC. We also obtained a boat pass in case we wanted to go on to St Kitts without having to clear out of Nevis.

Sunshine’s Bar on the beach has a great atmosphere and we loved the lobster lunch with drinks for 25 GBP each. There are other bars, hotel resorts and spas plus museums in town. Renovated plantation houses are now restaurants and the scenery is beautiful. Again it was a safe and secure place to stay. We will definitely return.

We did return three years later but had a very rolly couple of nights before we quickly moved on to St Kitts. We anchored in Ballast Bay in the south of the island but it was still too rolly so we only stayed 2 more nights before clearing and heading for Anguilla. We only got to see the island for clearing out with customs, all very simple and efficient in the same building.

Photos and more information are on posts for January 2012 and April 2015.

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