Tasks List

Having often been asked what we do all day, we realised it might be useful to document it. It isn’t just fun and socialising all the time on the boat, honestly. There are plenty of tasks to be done, those we can recall are listed below:-

Check battery water levels every 3-4 weeks and top up
Change engine oil and filters every 150-200 hours
Check engine oil before every trip
Change engine impellor every 300 hours
Change engine gearbox oil twice a year
Change engine fuel filters every 200 hours
Check for water in the fuel every month
Check coolant levels
Check generator oil twice a month
Change generator oil
Check gearbox oil every couple of months
Check autopilot oil every couple of months
Clean outboard fuel filter every couple of months
Change outboard gearbox oil annually
Change outboard water pump impellor when water flow from tell-tale reduces
Walk around the deck and check guardrails, rigging, halyards and deck hardware before each trip
Wash out all the blocks with fresh water once a month
Cast an eye over the condition of the sails
Lubricate the mast track and sliders a couple of times a year
Check bilges for leaks daily
Change watermaker filters every 4-6 months depending on use and water condition
Change watermaker flushing filter annually
Change all anodes when worn
Dive on the hull and propeller to keep free of growth monthly
Clean paddle wheel, hull transducer and bowthruster blades monthly
Treat teak twice a year
Wash salt off topsides with vinegar when encrusted
Polish topsides twice a year
Polish coachroof three times a year
Check any electrical connections visually and remove corrosion
Manage battery voltages daily and run engine or generator when necessary (cloudy days)
Manage water supply and run watermaker when necessary
Keep dinghy pumped up and lubricate the padlock
Clean dinghy few times a year
Polish stainless steel every couple of months
Solar panels don’t need any maintenance!
Charge up satellite phone, handheld GPS and VHF

Defrost freezer twice a year
Cooking meals to freeze for passages
Fresh food shopping
Washing and drying fruit and vegetables before storing
Check dry food supplies for weevils (fortunately only one occurrence on Beyzano)
Compile stores lists for each locker
Clean out lockers and bilges twice a year
Wash soft furnishings twice a year
Air mattresses twice a year and before guests arrive
General cleaning and dusting
Sweeping out boat inside and out almost daily to get rid of sand
Laundry onboard or ashore
Checking finances weekly
Regular emails checking ashore or with WiFi dongle
Blog updates weekly at least
Keep all tools clean and oiled to prevent rust
Service toilets once a year
Skyping and keeping in touch with family and friends

Laying Up
If we leave the boat for more than a couple of weeks, we have to open all the lockers, prop up mattresses and clean out the frige and freezer completely. Bowls of washing powder, Bounce sheets and dehumidifier crystals are left around the cabins to prevent insects and mould. Has worked so far!

Outside, we take the sails down, bimini and sprayhood off and clean and store everything inside the boat, including life saving equipment and lines. Then the boat is a complete mess inside, you fly back from the UK and arrive tired with a lot of work to do to clear a space to sleep!

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