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Shiny and Ready For The Water

This photo was taken during the first lift-out we did in 2009.  We like to check the anodes annually but the hull doesn’t always need anti-fouling.  In 2009 we rollered on 2 layers of 2 season paint and put an extra layer along the waterline and leading edges.  She still seems quite clean in January 2010 and we are hoping not to have to do further anti-fouling until next year.  We also polish her to keep her nice and shiny and clean the propeller too.

She was only out of the water a week last year and the same this year as she stands higher on the ground than our last boat and is quicker and less back-breaking to paint.  Its good fun, dressed in the plastic blue overalls with goggles and a hat.  We also camp out on the boat, so that is fun too.  This year she is having holes put through the hull for our new generator and having the steering checked. 

Other maintenance includes cleaning the teak, all the stainless steel, servicing the engine, checking the navigation lights by climbing the mast, cleaning out the bilges and cupboards and generally keeping the boat clean and well checked.  Living on her means we can see things and put them right straight away.   People have remarked that she looks a few years younger than she is and this really comes down to looking after her.  We sold our last boat for what we paid for her just because of the condition.

In 2011 we were booked to do the ARC so we had a few more tasks to do and as it is cheaper to have the boat ashore we decided to keep her out for a couple of months. The March, April and May posts describe the details of what we did but the main focus was safety. We replaced all the standing rigging, added a 3rd reef to the main, had new jackstays, anodes, halyards, propellor and pushpit rail. The photo below shows her in May 2011.

She was polished and anti-fouled as usual but with longer lasting paint. We also treated the teak rubbing strakes which are easier to reach ashore. The final item for the freezer was the plate on the hull and hopefully that will save us some power. The bowthruster anodes were also checked and the chamber well anti-fouled. Should be in much warmer weather when we next haul her out!

2012 – Caribbean Maintenance
We are now in Trinidad, August 2012 and hauled out for 3 months. This picture shows her straight out of the water after just a jet wash and we haven’t polished the hull yet. No essential work at all to do – amazing!

Beyzano was lifted for a day in Rodney Bay as we wanted to change the prop, check the anodes and scrape off the barnacles. If you anchor in a lagoon, the hull suffers badly from growth. When we lifted in Trinidad she had just a few barnacles, as we had learnt that lesson and she was quite clean after the jet wash.

Still Clean and Shiny - 7000 miles On

We snorkel often in the lovely clear, warm waters and scrape a few barnacles off plus clean the waterline of oil. Hardly any weed growth though. The navy hull was cleaned twice in Rodney Bay to get the thick salt off and they use vinegar. The dinghy also needs regular cleaning but we will antifoul it this time and lift it overnight.

Our tasks for haul out are purely cosmetic, servicing the engine and generator, getting new sun awnings and davits for the solar panel, cleaning and treating the teak again, polishing the hull and antifouling underneath. We have about 70 small tasks, such as varnishing the oars, re-marking the anchor chain, polishing the stainless steel etc. but there is nothing which would stop us going back to sea tomorrow.

3 Responses to Boat Maintenance

  1. Hey
    Just discovered your website.
    I have the same boat from 2003 and wondered how to keep the hullin such a brilliant condition.
    As you see on the pictures, the gelcoat is seriously corroded.

    Any advice is more then welcome.

  2. Steve Houssart says:

    Yes i’ll second that i have a 2004 473 and i cant get my hull in that good a condition hows it done?


  3. Rhian says:

    Thank you! People do often ask us as they assume she is about 3 years old rather than 11 🙂

    Beyzano had the original Beneteau slightly lighter blue gelcoat but due to the first owner not using the boat much, it faded down one side and the second owner had her re-sprayed in (we think) 2006, with Flag Blue Awlgrip which has been absolutely excellent. It just needs good quality polish once a year. This year as we are in the sun constantly, we will give her an extra coat of UV protective polish.

    On long passages the hull was encrusted with salt but we had it washed off with vinegar and fresh water and it restored it back to the original shine.

    Hope that is of use to you.

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