Stern Arch & Davits

Following a request for further information about the arch and davits we had installed in Trinidad in 2012, here are some photos and details.  Please contact us if we can help with any more specific questions.

We have a spare bracket for any future wind generator plus cleats for the 2 dinghy hoists and the cargo hoist.  4 big solar panels were fixed on the top and all the cabling for those and the stern spotlight run inside the frame.


Forward Base Of Arch Bolted To Thickest Part Of Deck


Welded Into Original Pushpit

Base Of Arch Sitting On The Transom

Base Of Arch Sitting On The Transom


Cargo Hoist With Red Line – Also Used to Support Weight Of Outboard When Carrying Dinghy


Bimini Support Also Fixed To Arch


Dinghy Held Firm On Passage

frame6 frame7