Domestic Equipment

As Rob has updated the techy equipment, I am adding my thoughts on our domestic items, some of which cross over into techy just because I need them!

What Could I Do Without?
The watermaker is great to have but it is possible to live without one in the Caribbean. You may have to find a dock and pay for the water, some of dubious quality, but it is not difficult. In some islands a barge brings water to your boat. Our watermaker pump broke down and we paid over 1000 GBP to get the part flown in to Martinique and fixed. In those weeks we lasted a month on the water we had and could easily get more in Marin. We do have 600 litres of water in our 3 tanks though.

The Freezer is another nice-to-have item but it is not essential. We like the flexibility it gives us and our ability to freeze meals ahead of a longer passage. Also good for the rare tuna catch and ice for the sundowners.

What Do I Value?
The Frige is very important. In the heat nothing lasts and the cool drinks are essential to avoid dehydration. Butter and chocolate have to stay in the frige as even the bilges aren’t that cold. The water temperature today is 28 degrees C.

Our Generator has also proved very useful. The Solar Panels may give us plenty of 12v power but every couple of days we have to heat water and you can use an engine, which uses much more fuel, or the generator. At the same time you can use the toaster, or other electric appliances for the galley or a hairdryer and tongs!

Open sugar scoop stern & shower. For our lifestyle, having a walk in stern with a wide platform to stand on, low down, is a godsend. We are in the water daily or using the dinghy, so being able to put shopping on the stern and easily get it on board is very important. The cockpit shower is always being used to wash off sandy feet or clean off dive equipment. Another item I wouldn’t be without. Some boats are really difficult to get onto and in any swell become a nightmare. We aren’t getting any younger, so things like easy access will become more important.

Storage boxes. I have lots of Lock ‘n’ lock boxes from Lakeland in the UK and so far we have only had weevils in flour once. Everything else has been fine and I make sure everything is securely stored in boxes.

Sprung mattresses for our cabin have ensured a good night’s sleep and we also had fitted sheets made for the oddly shaped berth. Fighting with sheets in the heat isn’t much fun.

Glassware was always something I wanted on our boat, just one of those luxuries. We wrap all of them in bubble wrap every time they go back in the cupboard and none have broken. We don’t have china plates though, the weight would be an issue, as well as all that wrapping!

Not having a grill is a bit of a pain but we found toaster bags at least give us the grilled cheese taste, something I really miss for some reason!

Solar Lights for the cockpit table are great as they don’t need power and the Christmas ones make the boat easy to find at night and very pretty for my favourite time of year.

The Cobb and Magma BBQs are used frequently, as is the Mr D’s Thermal Cooker. A simmer mat is essential for our hob as I can’t get the gas low enough to simmer effectively. Good knives, sharpener and protectors have proved a good buy as have non slip matting for under plates and keeping items on shelves during passage.

I am sure there are many more items to add to this page and I will do as I use them and get reminded!

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