Details Of Spending

2013 Costs
food 4618
chandlery 1641
laundry 217
customs 160
meals and coffees out 2284
drinks 63
taxis-buses 344
fuel 524
outboard fuel 190
gas 37
boat items & breakages 3000
water 234
marinas & moorings 1400
dive equipment 3227
UK 7832
Ice creams 47
PADI course 666
dinghy 2790
insurance 2600
haul out 1740
hotels & tours 420
OCC membership 135
WiFi & Phone 138

Plus incidentals
UK includes items bought for personal use and the boat, hire car for a month etc.

Total 36K

First 6 Months of 2014 Costs
food 2900
chandlery, boat repairs 2485
laundry 176
customs 336
meals and coffees out 1370
drinks 193
taxis-buses 145
fuel 260
outboard fuel 101
gas 33
water 47
marinas & moorings 320
personal inc. diving 1500
boat insurance 2600
OCC membership 85
WiFi & Phone 238

Plus incidentals

Total 13.5K

We spend 2,600 GBP a year on the boat insurance and when we visit the USA will need health insurance too. Many cruisers do not have boat insurance but some marinas insist on seeing our certificate. Food, boat maintenance and meals out continue to be our biggest outgoing but going back to the UK can be a huge expense too, with flights, hire cars, travelling around to visit friends and relations and buying lots of things to bring back with us.

Annual Spending For 2014
In total we spent just over £31,500 and this included £2,580 for boat insurance, £5,120 on food, £1,900 on meals out and £5,655 on going back to the UK. Internet and our website cost £393, taxi buses were £410, nights in marinas were only £150 and moorings were £264. Diesel cost £273, outboard fuel was £142 and cooking gas was only £56. The boat maintenance and equipment cost the most, £7,510 but this included an EPIRB, 5 new deck hatches, anchor chain, antifouling and a new UV strip for the genoa. In addition, hauling out in Trinidad cost £2,358, so not far off 10K for boat related costs in total but this included the topsides paint spray, cutlass bearing work, sanding and canvas work.

Compared to last year the overall total is similar and so are the amounts for food and meals out but the longer haulout and work on the boat was as expected, much higher.

We still have expenses we can cut back on fortunately. We are not planning to haul out in 2015, so we hope to keep the costs nearer 20K. Trouble is, breakages can happen at any time and a new engine would cost tens of thousands, new sails are thousands too. We always intended to live off our savings but we didn’t expect to see them diminish quite so quickly! Rob could now take his pension but we don’t want to take it early if we can avoid it. Living on the boat has certainly been more expensive than we originally estimated but we are far more fortunate than many people who are living on a very tight budget, so much so it starts to take the fun out of their sailing.

In hindsight I think we could have coded the boat for charter work and tried to make a few thousand a year from having paying guests on board, as many others do. The weekly rates are quite astonishing, given that the guests have the airfares on top, so you would only have to do charter work for a few weeks a year.

Our reasons for not chartering the boat is that we value our freedom more than the possible income, don’t want to be sailing in bad weather to pick guests up at the start of a charter and don’t relish having the hard work of all the catering and entertaining them. Having said that, friends who do charter all say they have made many good friends of their charterers and get annual repeat bookings, so it can be fun if you are that way inclined. We do enjoy having friends and family on Beyzano though and already have our best man, Steve, booked in for 3 weeks in April and my nephew and brother-in-law are joining us in Bonaire this summer.

As usual, if anyone thinking of this lifestyle would like a more detailed breakdown of our costs, please get in touch and we’ll do our best to answer your queries.

Annual Spending For 2015
This year we spent £35,800 but that includes just over £12,000 for our 3 month UK visit. We are managing to cut back in some areas but because we spent more time in marinas, other costs are much higher. Our UK visit was only booked this year as we decided it was a good time to buy a house, so this all added extra costs, with 2 trips back and lots of spending. We also decided the propellor shaft warranted lifting out, another cost.

The major areas of expenditure are as follows:-
food 4227
chandlery & boat 5420
laundry 151
customs 204
meals and coffees out 2156
drinks 342
taxis-buses 190
fuel 332
outboard fuel 165
gas 145
water 16
marinas & moorings 3293
diving 528
UK 12,186
Ice creams 74
car hire & tourism 901
communications 808
boat insurance 2715
OCC membership 85

For 2016 we have already booked into the Nana Juana marina in Guatemala’s Rio Dulce and it only costs 155 a month to remain afloat there. Once again, we very much hope to cut our spending down this year but as we have joined the OCC Rally from Curacao to Belize, with all the expense of hotels, tours, marinas, San Blas customs charges and just socialising with the other 26 boats, it isn’t going to be easy to be more frugal this year either! We still have another 4 years before Rob’s pension starts and another 12 before mine does but we are very fortunate in now having 2 small properties to rent out. The income doesn’t cover all our costs by any means but it helps.

Annual Spending For 2016
Despite not going back to the UK this year, we still spent £32,507, as we indulged Beyzano with a few new items and due to the OCC Rally we joined, spent a lot more on marina berths and Customs.

The raw figures in British Pounds:

14,661 on boat equipment and maintenance. This includes 3720 for the new mainsail, 1400 for the haulout yard, 1000 on antifouling and 2,900 on boat insurance. In addition we had new canvas made and got a lot of work done in the Rio Dulce. The new engine water pump cost 550.

4155 on food
3690 on meals out and social evenings
2502 on marinas and moorings
2026 on personal items including a new iPad, clothes, presents, diving and Spanish classes
1733 on tourism including hotels, museums and excursions
1582 on customs and immigration charges, including ‘Agents’
465 on data and phone cards
455 on local buses and tuk-tuk taxis
265 on diesel
138 on water
134 on outboard petrol
124 on serviced laundry
85 OCC membership plus 25 for Rally
30 on cooking gas

Only 1.66 on garbage as we were often in marinas!!

Note: The above equals 32,071.66 and the balance was just one off small items not worth categorising

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  1. Steve says:

    As ever brilliant info cheers


  2. Jo Fraser says:

    Thanks Rhian. Really useful. Still cheaper and much nicer than being in the UK right now!

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