Cruising Costs

Information on how we spent our money as we set off on the ARC and in the Caribbean.

Marina Prices
Cherbourg – 92 euros 2 nights inc electricity
Marina Coruna – 88 euros 2 nights but electricity 2 euros per day
Portosin in Ria de Muros – 83 euros 2 nights inc electricity and water but a discount for 7 nights of 60 euros
Bayona Sports Harbour – 42 euros a night inc electricity and water
Povoa de Varzim – 112 euros for a month inc electricity and water (this includes a 50% ARC discount)
Cascais – 54 euros a night inc electricity and water but drops from 1 October to 20 euros plus tax
Porto Santo – 32 euros a night inc electricity and water (this includes a 20% ARC discount)
Las Palmas – 480 euros for 5 weeks inc electricity and water
Secret Harbour Grenada – 30 GBP per night
Rodney Bay St Lucia – 30 GBP per night inc electricity and water but also the ARC discount
Harbour Village Marina, Bonaire – 1 US$ per foot per night but cheaper for longer stays
Port Louis Grenada – 37 GBP per night exc electricity and water
Puerto Del Rey, Puerto Rico – 1.45 US$ per foot per night with free water. 1.30 US$ per foot per night if staying more than a week

Dominica – about 10 US$ a night
Nevis – 20 US$ for a week
BVI – 25-30 US$ a night
USVI – 15 US$ a night
Pitons St Lucia – 54 EC$ for 2 nights
Bequia – 50 EC$ a night
Mustique – 200 EC$ for 3 nights
Union – 70 EC$ a night – rip off!
St David’s Grenada – 6 GBP
St George’s Grenada – 6 GBP
Bonaire – 6 GBP a night and compulsory
Tobago Cays – 20 GBP per night inc. 2.50 GBP per person (4 aboard)

Lymington Berthon Marina – 1 GBP per litre (50/50 domestic and propulsion)
Falmouth Visitor’s Yacht Haven – 1.25 GBP per litre (50/50 domestic and propulsion)
Marina Coruna – 1.31 euros per litre
Bayona – 1.29 euros per litre
Cascais – 1.42 euros per litre
Las Palmas – 91 cents per litre
St Lucia – 3.26 EC$ per litre of diesel (about 80 GB pence) and 3.32 EC$ per litre for petrol (Duty Free with Clearance Papers)
Bonaire – 90 GB Pence per litre for diesel and just over 1 GBP per litre for petrol
Grenada Yacht Club – 77 GB Pence per litre for diesel and 78 pence per litre for petrol
Puerto Del Rey, Puerto Rico – 49 GB Pence per litre for diesel and 47 pence for petrol

Filling our gas bottles in St Lucia cost around 8 GBP
Bequia cost nearly twice as much!!
Grenada was 7.75 GBP
Antigua was 11.75 GBP a bottle in Falmouth but 8.88 in Jolly Harbour

Dominica at The Drop Anchor dock – filled tanks for 10 US$
BVI at Cane Garden Bay dock – filled 1 and a half tanks for 26 US$
Free 100 gallons with a night’s mooring at Leverick Bay though
Bonaire filled tanks (135 US gallons) for about 8 GBP
Grenada Yacht Club – 500 litres cost 7.60 GBP

Eating Out
On nearly every island we have found very high quality restaurants. The most we have paid for a good meal is 50 GBP per head but you can easily get a lovely meal for less than 10 GBP per head. For instance, the Slipway, in Tyrrel Bay, Carriacou does wonderful fresh tuna and salad, grilled tenderloin of pork and a vegetarian choice for less than 9 GBP. The newly opened Sails bar/restaurant in St George’s, Grenada, is also very good value in a beautiful setting.

Whilst cruising in July 2011, we were averaging paying around 50 euros a week for food and only eating out once a month, so these costs are under control. Laundry prices vary from 2.50 euros in Povoa to 8 euros for a wash only in Las Palmas so we have rarely used the washing machines. We do hand washing regularly to keep the laundry bag empty and bought a washing line which we string around the deck. Everything dries very quickly in the sun and doesn’t need ironing as the wind blows it flat!

Laundry in St Lucia cost 45-50 EC$ per load, whereas in Bequia it was much cheaper. In Tyrrel Bay it was just 35 EC$ a load and in Secret Harbour Marina Grenada it was a DIY 2.50 GBP for a wash only. In Bonaire a large wash and dry plus a smaller wash and dry at the DIY laundry was 16.70 GBP. Unfortunately most of the laundries only have cold water washes, so I steep towels etc in hot water before I take them. Port Louis Marina has a serviced laundry, costs by weight but we paid over 20 GBP for 2 loads, wash, dry and fold. They said they use hot water. In Puerto Rico we paid 3.33 GBP a load in the marina laundry but you need to pay a non-refundable 3.33 to obtain a card from the machine before charging it up.

The BVIs were the most expensive location with food prices being off the scale at times. A tub of peanuts for example was 9 GBP. Trinidad was the cheapest, so the view that the prices go north as you go north is about right. We can get everything we need though, including Waitrose foods and there is a ‘Best of British’ shop in the BVI, selling HP sauce!

In Grenada there are some well stocked supermarkets. The IGA has a lot of imported food, even smoked back bacon from the UK, found in the freezer. Didn’t think I’d see that again for a while! Fresh milk, Waitrose food and Thornton’s, Terry’s and Cadbury’s chocolate is also sold at the IGA. We spent more on food whilst in Bonaire and Grenada but it was high quality and nice to have. Some shopping trips cost us more than 100 GBP but in the run up to Christmas that wasn’t too extortionate.

Antigua was a great place to find British food, if you need it. The Epicurean supermarket in Jolly Harbour has more Waitrose food than I’ve seen in years and you can take the trolley to the nearby dinghy dock. Great selection and not too expensive, especially wine.

Puerto Rico had excellent provisions, chandleries and prices. So much choice and great quality.

Getting work done is not as expensive as we were led to believe years ago. Fixing our electrical problem on the windlass was less than 40 GBP but it is the parts that can sometimes cost a lot and need importing. Trinidad is a good place to have work done, with numerous choices for each industry and reasonable rates. We found it best to give a date for completion which was earlier than required and at Powerboats Yard, the manager also signs off the quotes and will intervene if the work is late.

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