Stats & Watch System For ARC

Fastest 4 hour watch – 34.4 nm – Rob & Jamie

101 miles in 12 hours on 6 December

Logged 3241 nm in total but know our log is over reading

Motored 56 hours

Watch System
In the end we devised our own and with 5 of us had double handed watches through the night with each person doing 2 hours on the helm plus 2 hours dozing in the cockpit. Once every 5 days 1 person did 2 watches but for the other nights we all had 8 hours sleep, sometimes uninterrupted.

During the day we took 2 hour watches and quite often had up to 16 hours non-stop free to sleep, read and relax.

We cooked lunch once in 5 days and dinner once in 5 days, did the minimum of cleaning and generally had a relaxed and easy passage.

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