Atlantic Rally for Cruisers

This event takes place every year in November and this is the 26th ARC. Leaving Las Palmas in Gran Canaria on November 20th, 240 boats will sail to St Lucia taking from 12 to 30 days depending on the weather and boat. We hope to make it in about 20 days but Beyzano is not a racing boat, just a heavy liveaboard cruiser and she won’t be winning any prizes.

The ARC website is at and will show our position taken every 6 hours from a tracker device fitted to the boat. We will try to update the Daily Logs section but won’t be able to post photos or update our own website whilst at sea.

We decided to take part in the ARC for the safety and social aspects and have already made lots of new friends, some of whom are staying in the Caribbean like us, for many years.

Update 18 December 2011
We did complete the ARC in 20 days!! We covered over 3000nm, used about 800 litres of water, burnt fuel for 56 hours at 3 litres an hour and had an amazing time, documented in our posts of November and December 2011.

217 boats actually did the crossing in the end as several didn’t make it to Las Palmas due to leaving the UK too late and being caught in bad weather. Others had technical issues. It was one of the fastest and safest ARCs with great weather. We didn’t have any injuries, just a comfortable and lovely crossing. We caught several fish, landed 3!

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  1. Grant Morris says:

    Well done for completing the ARC! The ARC is an event I would like to do one day although I am not sure what I would after the ARC, either cruise the Caribbean, head west or return home. Out of interest, what are your plans?

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