Life Aboard in the UK

Winter On Board

Lots of friends have been asking what on earth it has been like living on a boat during the recent snow. In fact I think this is the worst winter I can remember for years but perhaps that is because we are more in touch with the elements these days. The autumn brought about 2 months of gales and rain then January brought freezing temperatures and snow.

In reality the boat is so warm and cosy, with 2 forms of heating, an electric blanket and plenty of candles, a TV and broadband, so I don’t feel like taking up kind offers of a stable, warm bed from friends.

The early weeks took some getting used to as the rain on the hatches just above our bed is loud and it takes time to get used to ignoring it. The creaking dock lines and howling rigging I am happy with and even the long walk to the car at 6am in the rain I can cope with.

I am finding that I appreciate the fact the daylight remains until 5pm now, far more than when I lived in a house and I think the summer will be very precious from now on!

Living on the boat has also brought the unexpected pleasure of probably the most friendly neighbourhood I have ever lived in. The liveaboards here are supportive, friendly and knowledgeable and I believe we have made some friends for life.

The boat itself as I said above is lovely to live on and in bad weather I would rather be on her than worrying about her from afar. We have books, music, internet, posh clothes and even an ironing board and have managed to store everything we need. Moving into a smaller house first helped reduce the clutter and now we don’t miss a thing or the extra space. The only addition we made was to add a hanging rail in one of the showers to hang my work clothes and floor length ball dress!!

Winter 2010

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