Update 10 April 2012
Further sad news as on 6 April my father passed away. I had been at his side for 4 weeks and was fortunate to still be holding his hand as he died and joined my mum and sister. Rob is still sailing Beyzano to a safe place so he can fly back for the funeral but it has been a traumatic time both for me and for him as he was so upset not to have been able to support me.

How things change in such a short time. In January last year both parents were well and living at home. Now they are both gone, the family home of 42 years is sold and all my links with my first family are lost except for memories and souvenirs. Sad times.

Update 25 March 2012 – sadly my mother died in September and my father is now very unwell and I have returned to the UK for a 4th time since June. My dad taught me to sail and enjoyed tracking our progress across the Atlantic on the internet last year. He smiled when I told him how beautiful I found the ocean and I am so glad he saw us realise a dream which he also shared.

Our children are more than coping without us as they were independant long before we left. Communicating is easy with Wi-Fi everywhere we have travelled to so far and we can Skype and use Facebook.

Update 3 September 2011 – since May when Rhian left work, there have been further sad developments but this has actually made leaving possible. Knowing that dad was desperate for us to continue with our plans, we will still be taking part in the ARC. Very sad times but Beyzano’s trip has given him something to track on the internet and we hope will provide some entertainment – but not too much!

Update 14 May 2011 – in the last 3 months serious health issues have affected 3 of our close family and we are running out of time to sort out a myriad of things for equipment, accommodation, financial and legal aspects. We are now looking at our options but it is impossible to plan ahead when so much is still unknown. There is a fear that if we delay the ARC by a year we will never complete it or if we take the boat to the Med instead it will not get used. We have already spent tens of thousands of pounds on equipping her for the ARC and she is ready to go next month. It is a desperately difficult and sad time for all involved.

Update 24 October 2010 – having signed up for the Atlantic Crossing I am now suffering huge pangs of guilt and concerns about leaving the children to fend for themselves. I feel I should continue working to help them with deposits for homes, pay off student loans and generally be around to support them. Despite the fact they don’t really need us at the moment, I suddenly feel totally anguished at leaving them. Oh dear!

We have 4 children who currently range in age from 26 to 22. Leaving them for extended periods is one of the negative sides to fulfilling our dream but we hope they and any future grandchildren will visit often and benefit from lovely holidays in beautiful parts of the world.

Also leaving my parents is a difficult choice as we don’t want our new life to impact theirs.

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  1. Geoff Punnett says:

    Don’t worry too much about either the kids or the parents. Go and do what your dream tells you while you can. I know I would not stop my kids fulfilling their dream and I well remember being very proud of my Dad when he decided to go and work in Saudi Arabia; not quite the same but !

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