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I’m just listing some of the reference material we have been using, as I’ve been asked to! The book titles tell a story in themselves.

Thanks to the cruisers who update their blogs with useful information for the rest of us. I have spent many hours making notes based on their websites, so we are much more aware of where to go and not to go, what time the customs offices open and where the best restaurants are.

Sell Up and Sail – Bill and Laurel Cooper (the first book we read)
Heavy Weather Sailing – Adlard Coles
Rough Water – Tales of Survival from the Sea – Clint Willis
Voyaging on a Small Income – Annie Hill
Good Boatkeeping -Zora Aiken
RYA Course Books – Day Skipper and Yachtmaster
Complete Yachtmaster – Tom Cunliffe
RYA Books on Sea Survival, Flag Etiquette, Navigation, First Aid, Buying Your First Boat
Boat Cuisine – June Raper
Jupiter Moon Cookbook – Janet Buckingham
Occupation Circumnavigator – Lars Hassler
Boatowner’s Mechanical and Electrical Handbook by Nigel Calder – if you only have one maintenance book onboard make it this one as it covers everything and is easy to understand even for a novice
Voyager’s Handbook – Beth Leonard
The Cruising Woman’s Adviser – Diana Jessie
Storm Tactics – Lin Pardey
West Country Cruising Companion – Mark Fishwick
Your First Atlantic Crossing – Les Weatheritt
World Cruising Routes – Jimmy Cornell
World Cruising Survey – Jimmy Cornell
World Cruising Destinations – Jimmy Cornell
Guides to the Leeward Islands, Windward Islands etc – Hoyle
Imray Almanacs for Solent, Spain, Portugal, Canaries and Caribbean


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