Beyzano Is Sold – Final Post!

Firstly, Rob and I would like to thank all the people who have been reading our blog and got in touch over the years. Your support and comments have been much appreciated. We have many incredible memories of both places and friends, so thanks to all those we’ve shared our journey with since we bought Beyzano in 2008. Unforgettable times.

Secondly, Merry Christmas and a healthy, happy and peaceful 2018 to you all.

Real Tree - First Since 2007!

Real Tree – First Since 2007!

Lastly, Beyzano is now under new ownership. She has been sold to Mark and Erin and we wish them many happy years and safe passages in their beautiful new boat.

Although we got the offer in within 12 days of leaving her, being a British boat sold in the USA took a good deal of administration and hurdles to overcome. Anne and Jonathan were exceptionally patient but faced intransigence from the buyer’s finance company who wanted everything proven to the nth degree. We decided to go ahead in good faith and ask the Maritime and Coastguard Agency to de-register Beyzano from the Part 1 Register of Shipping ahead of receiving the funds in a holding account. The finance company wanted the hard copy of the closure document to be in the USA before the funds could be released. This took a while with the Christmas post and a major failing by FedEx who failed to pick up the urgent document last Friday. The package was still at the Post Office on Monday and Tuesday but fortunately the staff at the Grange over Sands office were amazing and decided to send it with DHL instead. It arrived on Thursday! Anne and Rachel sent us a photo of themselves holding it.

Another issue was the need to find the very hidden Hull ID number which is somewhere on the boat. We know we’d seen it but couldn’t remember where. We contacted Rhian Sewell of Ancasta who sold Beyzano to us but she didn’t know. We also emailed Stefan Bey, the previous owner and he couldn’t recall either. Finally we emailed 2 fellow 473 owners who had been in touch for years via our blog. They found it, very faint, just by the stern ladder! Hooray.

Puffin Playing In The Snow A Couple Of Weeks Ago

Puffin Playing In The Snow A Couple Of Weeks Ago

We are now looking forward to a lovely family Christmas tomorrow and I’m off to Cartmel Priory in half an hour for the Christingle Service with my son Owen, our daughter’s mother-in-law, Margaret and our new neighbours Penny and Lucy. Should be a magical evening before returning home for our traditional Christmas Eve party and I’m hoping to be allowed to open one present at midnight! Although the snow of a fortnight ago has melted, we are still incredibly happy about being home with the family for the first time in so many years.

Our plans continue to move along. We viewed a beautiful one year old, 60′ 9″ narrowboat this month and had an offer accepted. The survey was on the 18th and negotiations will be continued after the Christmas break. Hopefully we will have the keys in early January and be able to move onto her after we finish this sit in early February. We will need to leave her during our sit in Canada from early March to end April but we hope to settle into canal life during February so we’ll be ready to go off cruising in May.

Rob and I are looking forward to our gentle new lifestyle very much. We even have a washing machine this time! As Beyzano’s new owners are keeping her name we won’t be calling the narrowboat Beyzano. We are thinking of Hush or Meandering but will give it plenty of thought. I’m not planning to keep a blog for our next adventure as I’m not expecting much to happen but I have a Facebook account if anybody wants to stay in touch.

So, feeling quite emotional writing the final words after so many years, I can only say farewell and a million thank yous to everyone, Beyzano included.

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2 Responses to Beyzano Is Sold – Final Post!

  1. Norma says:

    Wishing you all the best in your new endeavour. Been following the blog since you mentioned our friends in ”Nemo”. We did almost the same as you. We left in 2002 and sold boat in 2012. I am sure you will enjoy your new boat very much.

  2. Rhian says:

    Many thanks for getting in touch and for your good wishes. Hopefully Elaine will visit us in the summer and see the new floating abode!

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