Busy Month!

We have managed to be manically busy during the past month, getting ready for our daughter’s wedding, buying things to take back to the boat, visiting friends and family, spending time in Thatcham, Cambridge, London, Brecon and the Cotswolds. We celebrated our 21st Wedding Anniversary with a night in The Pear Tree, Purton where we had our reception in 1996 and have enjoyed being with our ‘children’ again. We do miss them more than they realise and struggle with not being there for the big events in their lives, as well as the times they need to talk or just have a hug.

Mind you, being back comes with a price and I can’t remember when we’ve done more on so little sleep but Kym and John’s Wedding was just amazing and worth every second of effort and planning. Having the reception venue in a huge park meant the 4 of us started work 3 days beforehand and we finally finished a week later when we saw the tipi packed away again. Friends and family all chipped in with help so we got to know everybody.

It was a wonderfully happy day for the new Mr and Mrs Rutterford, followed by a BBQ the next day for the families and everything went to plan, being all they had dreamed of. Even Lord and Lady Bathurst dropped by to wish the newlyweds well and toast a few marshmallows. Rob and I danced until almost 2am and I was immensely proud of him fulfilling his role as father of the bride. Kym looked so beautiful and I have to admit I’ve been shedding tears since I first saw her in her dress a few weeks ago, a few more as she walked down the aisle with Rob and many more during the day as people said the kindest things. John is the perfect match for Kym and already a big part of the family. I think he cried the most, bless him.

I promised a lot of friends, not on Facebook, that I would post some photographs and here they are.

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