Our New Adventure Begins – South America Beckons

We cleared out this afternoon and are getting excited about setting sail  and visiting South America for the first time.  Although it is cosy to sail into familiar anchorages, we are keen to experience different cultures, do without imported goods seen all over the world and push ourselves a bit more with our sailing.

The weather is still looking good for this week and on Tuesday morning, when we hope to be sailing into Cabo de la Vela to anchor for a rest, the winds are the lowest for the entire week.  The high mountains can create huge gusts and associated rough seas, so we are keeping our fingers crossed that we are not tested too much and can sail that stretch of the coast in daylight.  It is hard to say what speed we will make and therefore we can’t be accurate about arrival times but it is easier to slow the boat down than speed up, so we are planning on a moderately fast passage.

A Final View Over Spanish Water From Our Bow

A Final View Over Spanish Water From Our Bow

We have stowed the boat away more thoroughly this time than ever before, jamming containers in tight and restricting movement in lockers with tea towels, cushions and rolls of paper kitchen towel.  If we do encounter rough seas, we would rather not have half our jars and glasses smash.

We reminded ourselves where the bolt cutters are, in case we get dismasted and need to cut through the cables to release it. All scary stuff but better to have planned for the worst and be ready.  So we are fit to go and looking forward to a gentle start, a swim in clear water and then an early night before the serious sailing begins.  All being well, we should be in Santa Marta on Thursday 🙂

Note 1:  The annual costs breakdown has been added to the page Details Of Spending under Cruising Information/Cruising Costs.

Note 2:  For sailors spending time in Spanish Water, Curacao, in the future, these are the bus times from Punda, the town.  They arrive at the roundabout just up from the dinghy dock about half an hour later.

Bus Timetable From Willemstad To Spanish Water

Bus Timetable From Willemstad To Spanish Water

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2 Responses to Our New Adventure Begins – South America Beckons

  1. Louise says:

    Fair winds to you… will be following you.
    Quick question – Beyzano doesn’t show up when searched on http://www.MarineTraffic.com – you have AIS don’t you? So excited for you guys, have a ball! x

  2. Rhian says:

    Thanks Louise. We only have AIS receive, not transmit so you wouldn’t be able to track us I’m afraid. Hope you are enjoying being land based for a while xx

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