Time To Pack Up Once More

Our 3 months in the UK is drawing to a close, the house is empty and awaiting our tenants on October 1st, our belongings (such as they are) are back in the garage and we are flying from Gatwick on Wednesday for a night in Amsterdam before the KLM flight to Curacao.


The View From Our Loft

We have had such a wonderful time here thanks to lovely new neighbours, friends and family.  Harry, John, Sean, Stuart and Jane all made us so welcome in ‘our street’ and we hope they will all still be there when we return for good.

Lovely Hot Chilli Peppers!

Lovely Hot Chilli Peppers!

Howard and Wendy from ‘Blue Moon’ visited us last week and it was lovely to see them again.   Our final guests were my cousins Nansi and Martin who live in nearby Hay-on-Wye.

Farewell Toast From John

Farewell Toast From John

The Abergavenny Food Festival is, we were told, the biggest in the country and it didn’t disappoint.  Lots of food and drink to sample, several cookery demonstrations and hundreds of stalls to browse. Great day for Rob’s birthday even if he did find the crowds a bit too much by the middle of the afternoon.

One Of Five Venues For The Food Festival - Market Hall

One Of Five Venues For The Food Festival – Market Hall

Wales was sunny and warm in April, tempting me to buy the house and was the same this weekend when we packed up our things.  Such a beautiful place in that weather!  On top of that, Wales beat England in the rugby, snatching victory when it all seemed lost.  What a match!

Something I Won't Be Doing For A While - Recycling

Something I Won’t Be Doing For A While – Recycling

So we are heading back to the sunshine, hoping Beyzano’s equipment is still working and looking forward to a busy season exploring new countries with the Belize Rally.  Once the house was packed up I didn’t feel it was still our home, so leaving was easier than expected.  I’m sure we’ll soon settle back into cruising life again and it is getting chilly here 🙂

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