Undoubtedly Chilly In The UK!

All went well with the flight back to the UK and I had something interesting to do whilst waiting for my bag on arrival. Border Police asked me to hide some drugs in my sock so their new dog could have some training. First time for everything! Lovely dog – didn’t bite me πŸ™‚ I also met a man on the train from Gatwick who had done the ARC at the same time as us, again the following year when we were on the ARC Finish Line and keeps his boat in Grenada quite often. We hadn’t met before though!

Our Jolly Harbour Anchorage View - Monday

I left Beyzano and Rob in lovely weather but the UK is rather different. The icy wind blowing through Reading station as I waited for my connecting train was bone chilling but I am now in a house with the heating on and a log fire laid in the grate if needed. I’m sure Wales will be even colder next week. Spring is definitely not here yet and the trees are bare.

Another Boat But You Can Probably Feel A Chill Just Looking At This!

I have a list of things to do and another of items to buy to bring back, so today was shopping day for me. Life is made easier with a hire car and the shops are quiet and so full of goods it makes me go into a daze. I also noticed countless shops had job vacancies advertised and the parts of the UK I have seen are definitely more upbeat than a couple of years ago.

Newbury Town In Berkshire - Shopping Heaven

So, not much to report other than buying some goodies and making appointments to view some houses. I ordered a new SIM for our satellite phone as we will be making some long passages in May, June and July and we just feel happier if we can call up a weather router. For a year’s package of 200 minutes we paid over 390 pounds and if we have any left near the expiry date we can call up friends.

Rob is busy with a long list of tasks, mostly added by himself I have to say. The first priority was to have the water maker looked at and this was done yesterday. It might be some air getting into the pump we bought for 1400 pounds in 2013 (bit of a pain) which will need replacing. The membrane we cleaned might also be completely worn out as apparently they are only supposed to last 5 years and this one has been used for at least 9. Water maker services are on the case and they have an excellent reputation.

No Takers For Sitting Outside The Canal Side Cafe In This Weather

Much of the rest of Rob’s work is cleaning, polishing and small maintenance tasks. Fortunately there are friends around in Falmouth to take him out for a break and Fish Friday at the dockyard beckons.

Newbury's Museum

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  1. Gwyneth says:

    Hope all goes well with your house-hunting in Wales. Been a better day here with some warm sunshine. Out for Easter Sunday Lunch with friends in Llangollen. Love Gwynth

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