Last Few Days Then Back To The Sailing

On the countdown to my flight now and getting back to my ‘normal’ life.

Brecon - Hopefully Our New Home Town

My house offer was accepted but there is a long way to go yet with surveys etc so I won’t get too excited.  Brecon was lovely though and we really hope to spend a lot more time there later in the year.

Rob has been keeping busy with both boat cleaning and socialising.   My friend, Lavinia, from ‘Partners’ went over yesterday to check on his progress and gave him an A minus because he has 2 jobs left on the list.  Not bad 🙂  One day he is at the England v West Indies cricket match, so he only has 3 and a half left.

Brecon Centre

When I last saw Beyzy, she was anchored in quite a big space of her own but since then some of our friends have arrived and they’ve anchored near us.  Rob apparently cheekily asked ‘Mr Curly’ if they had changed their ensign to French, as they have a reputation for anchoring very close!  Rob also won a coveted Mount Gay Rum t-shirt by drinking a bucket of rum and coke and I only wish I’d been there to see him afterwards.

Our water maker saga continues.  Many hours have been spent checking pumps and trying different remedies but a new one is on order, cheaper than the last one we had from Martinique and it should be with us this week.  It would be useful in the Bahamas as we plan to visit some of the more distant islands.

Lots Of Welsh For Me To Learn

So, with the house offer in, I don’t have to view any more this weekend and have had a couple of days to relax and see friends and family.  My final 3 days are manic again whilst I see a solicitor regarding the purchase and make sure everything is in order for the contracts to progress.  Thank goodness so much can be done online these days.

I had the pleasure of looking after Kym and John’s dog this weekend which is good practice for when we get another dog of our own.  I do miss having a pet but our lifestyle doesn’t make it that easy to have one.  Some islands don’t allow dogs ashore and our trips back home would make it difficult too.  She was really good and loved taking me for a very fast walk along the canal.  The pheasants, geese, ducks and pigeons were a real fascination but I nearly went straight into the canal after her at one point, as I was looking the other way and 2 ducks came too close to resist!

Happily Playing In The Sunshine

Looking forward to getting back to Falmouth on Thursday, with Steve for his 3 week holiday sailing from Antigua to the BVIs.  Apparently his cabin is ‘done’ and Rob has bought so much alcohol that there is no longer anywhere on the boat to store it!

Thanks to everyone for their kind hospitality whilst I’ve been in the UK and to Owen for his patience throughout the house viewings.  It was a very tiring time but I’m glad it wasn’t wasted.  The weather has been wonderful and I hope the Caribbean weather will enable us all to enjoy good sailing from Antigua north to show Steve some of our favourite bays.

Owen & Steve In The UK Sunshine

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