Week With Friends In Culebra & Decisions To Make

Nothing of a sailing nature to report this time as we are all staying put in the thick sticky mud in Culebra’s Ensenada Honda, just off the main town. We have had some strong gusts from the east and northeast but nobody has dragged and we are happy to go ashore and leave the boat to her own devices. The anchorage got much busier and some people did anchor very close to us. They obviously think our anchor will hold!!

We Are The 'Velcro Boat' Again!

We enjoyed a lovely evening at the Dinghy Dock with ‘Blue’ and ‘Pelerin’ and I have to admit we were celebrating St David’s Day a little early. Louise is also Welsh and seeing their OCC and Welsh flags flying in Grenada in December 2013 was the key to approaching them. Fortunately our paths have crossed a few times since.

Sunday was St David’s Day and the five of us played Mexican Train Dominoes on ‘Beyzano’ with tea being freshly made Welsh cakes following my grandmother’s recipe, doubtless handed down through many generations before her. Since Christmas we have avoided baking, buying crisps, cakes or biscuits and cut down on useless carbohydrates in an effort to lose some weight.

Everyone (Except Louise) Wishing They'd Had The Ribs

Another personal issue lately has been my hair. It hasn’t been cut (apart from the fringe which I can manage, just) since mid August. The ends definitely need a good trim but can I trust Rob to do it, that’s the big question. He’s not keen to take on the responsibility, imagining that he’ll get the lengths different on each side and have to continually shorten it until there’s not a lot left! Eeek!! Out here I have to either have it very short (doesn’t suit me) or long enough to tie up and there is really no middle ground option. It’s just too hot to have it hanging around my neck. I could have it cut locally but in the past I’ve had bad experiences with that apart from Bonaire and visiting Bonaire is another few months away yet (if we go at all – see below).

St David's Day Plus Wales Beat France In The Rugby!

All this may well be resolved by a quick visit back to the UK soon anyway, to sort out buying a house. Then in the summer we both might need to go back for four months instead of diving in Bonaire. We now need to work out where best to leave the boat but most likely it will be Curaçao but ashore or in the water will depend on prices and our insurer. The flight is over 13 hours with KLM into Amsterdam too rather longer than from St Lucia and it is expensive. We are also looking at the USA, since we’ll be in the BVIs in early May and can be through the Bahamas and on to the Chesapeake by the end of July, possibly going with the ‘Salty Dawg’ Rally.

When we return in the autumn we’ll spend a couple of months diving if we do leave Beyzano in the ABCs, another 3 in Curaçao then time in Aruba before trying to sail what is known as the worst passage in the Caribbean and 1 of the 5 worst in the world, to Cartagena in Colombia in May. Then we’ll do the San Blas Islands, Panama and eventually north to Guatemala and Cuba. Lots to think about, especially timings and weather. Typically when you seem to have a sane plan, things just change and then change again.

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