Still Awaiting Calmer Days

Well, we are still in Culebra with ‘Pelerin’ and ‘Blue’, playing dominoes on Sundays and enjoying the social life. ‘Out of Africa’ and ‘Aeeshah’ also joined the anchorage for a couple of nights and it was good to see them all again. ‘Smart Move’ came through as well, on their way back to Puerto Rico to pick up family but we might still be here if they visit Culebra with them this week.

Our weather window is opening up for the 17th but they have a habit of closing again as time goes on. I now have a flight booked, so would be happy to get at least to the British Virgin Islands as I can get a short flight from there to Antigua to join the BA flight. It shouldn’t be impossible!

Crumbly Chocolate, Nut & Cinnamon Squares

So, with time on our hands, I’ve been baking, trying out a new recipe for little sponge squares with chocolate, cinnamon and nuts on the top. Sunday treat. We found a place to fill our dive tanks at the petrol station in the canal. It was half the price of the specialist dive shop and you can tie your dinghy up just by it. Just behind the other gas station in town, we found a little launderette with a couple of washing machines for self-service. They just need 6 quarters and the cost is a pound a wash rather than the 20 we paid for our load and a half. There is also a tumble dryer.

Our Friends On 'Blue' To Our Port

We have made some decisions whilst we’ve been here, based on a need to go back to the UK for a few months and our plan now is to continue west after we drop Steve in the BVIs in early May. From Culebra we plan to do a long passage to the Turks and Caicos, then through the Bahamas and on to Florida or further north, depending on the weather when we cross the gulf stream. It would be good to ride it north as far as we can as we’ll be returning south in the autumn when it gets too cold to stay in the Chesapeake. We plan to be in the UK from August through to late October or November and it will be chilly by the time we return to the boat.

There seems to be hundreds of little marinas and boatyards all along the ICW (Intracoastal Waterway – 3000 miles of inland waterways, inlets and canals) and we will leave ‘Beyzano’ in the water unless NOAA predict an active hurricane season. We have more expense of course, with charts, courtesy flags and the marina but flights are far cheaper from the east coast of the USA and we are looking forward to exploring new areas again.

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