The Journey Back East Has Begun

With Beyzano cleaned to within an inch of her life, again, the tanks full and all our ‘marina boat jobs’ done we have finally left Puerto Rico. We enjoyed our stay in the quiet marina, despite the poor Wi-Fi and price but compared with the IGY marina in Rodney Bay, St Lucia or Port Louis in Grenada, it has fewer local attractions and the berths are more difficult to get into, so it wouldn’t be top of our list to return to.

Since arriving there 15 days ago, I wondered how easy it was going to be to get out of the tight berth, with a narrow aisle behind us, especially in the squally weather we have had lately. Well, Tuesday was the day to find out and Rob decided he wanted to take the helm, as he likes going backwards! He did a sterling job although he had to go forwards again once we cleared the big post as we were soon being pushed back onto the posts behind us. As the berth is so narrow, you can’t turn the bow before it clears the post next to you, so for most of the aisle we had to be straight, leaving little room for manoeuvre. Anyway, we were safely out and then motored on to the big fuel dock in the south side of the marina. The docks are high, so the fenders need to be toerail height and they have lines already available. I would still recommend getting your own on though because the dockmaster was not available when we arrived.

The fuel was much cheaper than the rest of the Caribbean, except for Trinidad and it cost us 49 British pence per litre for diesel and 47 pence for unleaded petrol. This compares with 77 pence in Grenada. It is even more expensive in the other islands.

Beyzano Anchored Not Too Far From The Dinghy Dock Bar

The wind was easterly force 3-4, the swells 1.5 metres and north easterly so it wasn’t great for going almost due east but we had the underwater spinnaker aka our engine. We let Cyril drive whilst we just read and kept watch but there was barely any traffic.

We are now safely anchored off Dewey again, happy to be back in Culebra for at least a week whilst the forecast high winds blow through. When the weather is bad we tend to spend more time on board, just to keep an eye on Beyzano. I still feel anxious when the wind kicks up and she is bobbing about on her own, even though she has never dragged her anchor, so far.

Best WiFi In Town At The Community Run Library

One new toy we have to play with whilst we are here, is an AT&T phone with a package giving us unlimited calls to other AT&T phones plus 1000 minutes of calls to UK landlines. We’ll probably be calling everyone we know now! It’s just nice to hear people’s voices rather than just texting or emailing and not all our family and friends use Skype.

Late Afternoon Screen - Not The Prettiest!

After all the boat cleaning, maintenance, socialising, shopping and sight seeing, we are happy to have a few days just resting at anchor, letting Beyzano bob about again. All of us much prefer to be out of the marina! Our friends on ‘Blue’ and ‘Pelerin’ arrived during the last couple of days, so we were happy to see them all again.

When the sun sets it can be very hot in the cockpit once it drops below the bimini top and as we are invariably stern to the west we had a back piece made for the bimini. We decided to lengthen it to block out more of the sun but what we should have done was to get a whole new piece, as the extension looks a bit naff. I also got all the awnings and new bimini to match that one little original piece, another mistake as the colour I really wanted was Sunbrella ‘Toast’ a lovely light golden tan. You live and learn!

We are now here for a week or so, awaiting reasonable weather to continue east. If we can make Ile Fourchue by 10th March to see Debra and Paul, we will.

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