‘Twas The Week Before Christmas

What a wonderful, busy run up to Christmas we have had in Falmouth and English Harbour. There are real Christmas trees in some of the restaurants and even the historic bakery in Nelson’s Dockyard had decorated the old bread ovens.

Christmas In Nelson's Dockyard's Bakery

Every time we go out we meet people we know and being away from family it is good to see familiar faces at this time of year and have so many friends around us. Daily another boat we know sails in 🙂

Definitely Not Rob's Christmas Present!

Thursday night was drinks with Howard and Wendy on ‘Blue Moon’. On Friday we went along to the dockyard for their Seafood Friday, a superbly organised evening with excellent food at a reasonable price, given the historic location and view. They had laid tables under awnings to sit 200 people and the majority were locals, such is the popularity of the event. The music was low volume, another big plus. I had coconut shrimp to start and Rob had lobster cakes, both with dip and salad. Following that we had grilled mahi-mahi with salad, vegetables, rice and macaroni pie. All piping hot and the fish being grilled to order, along with other choices such as steak, lobster, red snapper and shrimp. It cost us 35 GBP.

Port Side Of Beyzano!

We had great company as we were joined by ‘Blue Moon’ and ‘Blue’, quite amusing as neither of their boats is actually blue whereas ours is ☺

Saturday we had a lovely evening on ‘Partners’ with another 3 boats and on Sunday we played dominoes. Yesterday the girls went off in the local bus to St Johns to shop and then took another bus to the huge modern supermarket to get a few Christmas items in. The local supermarkets around Falmouth have basics, especially aisles of alcohol but not a wide selection. We had some entertainment on the bus unfortunately, when a slim lady objected to a larger lady sitting next to her and they bawled and shouted at the tops of their voices for about 5 minutes. Wendy couldn’t hear a word I was saying, sat behind them! Then a couple of young children started crying because their mother had got off the bus to do something, so we all had to wait for her to get back on!

Starboard Saloon All Decorated :-)

I had been back on the boat for 10 minutes when ‘Secret Smile’ turned up to say ‘Heymede’ had been calling us on the radio to ask if we could join them for a sundowner in, by now, 15 minutes time!

So now we are at the day before Christmas Eve and spending the evening on another boat before doing some baking again tomorrow. Friends are coming over tomorrow night for a buffet and listen or maybe even sing along to carols. We are starting Christmas Day with kir royales on Beyzano and then spending Christmas Day with 16 others, which involves a Champagne Party in Nelson’s Dockyard from midday followed by a 3 course turkey roast with all the trimmings at a local restaurant.

Some Of Our Neighbours

Boxing Day is Friday, so we are all back to the dockyard for another Seafood Friday! I feel exhausted just writing this but I’m sure we’ll get time to sleep at some point.

Wishing everyone reading this, a very Merry Christmas and a peaceful, healthy and happy New Year.

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  1. Gwyneth says:

    Just relaxing with family on Boxing Day . Tree beautifully decorated and sitting in candlelight with a glowing fire. Had a lovely Christmas Day here with all my grandchildren and enjoyed Church Services and super food. It has been very very mild leading up to Christmas and on Christmas Eve we had the amazing sight of The International Space Station travelling across the clear sky. l understand it is snowing in North Wales today! You are obviously having a very busy and enjoyable time with all your friends. All good wishes for your travels in 2015. Love Gwyneth x

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