On To Antigua Soon!

A full turkey roast Christmas Dinner has been booked for 13 of us in Antigua, so we need to get there soon!

One Of Many Pretty Boutiques

Our sail back from Guadeloupe was a little more rapid than expected, for as soon as we and 3 others got out of the beautifully protected harbour we had a nice Force 5 and were racing along. A smaller boat in front of us turned to reef in her sails so we had to avoid her to start with. We had full main for a change as we thought it was going to be calm but managed to reef the genoa in until it was a comfortable sail at over 8 knots. Didn’t take long to get there and we overtook all the other boats on the way. Beyzano is a very fast boat under sail or motor if you let her but I usually like it a little slower.

The Sign For Customs Just Past The Ferry Dock/Town Square - Easy To Miss It

Back in the Saintes, our friends arrived yesterday morning and we intend sailing to Deshaies on the NW tip of Guadeloupe tomorrow in light winds (so forecast) and then on to Falmouth on Wednesday. Tonight we will anchor off Le Pain De Sucre again and have a swim before we prepare the boat for sailing off in the morning.

We have enjoyed our stay here, seeing the old and young of the island out for the Christmas concert in the town square on Saturday evening and the great atmosphere. It is definitely an island to return to.

Our Last Morning's View Of Les Iles Des Saintes

On a domestic note, the laundry in the internet cafe costs 10 Euros per hot wash and dry but the machines are quite small, although front loaders for a change and do a long and thorough wash. The water we took on in Pointe-A-Pitre cost us just 6 Euros for 300 litres but it wasn’t even a metered amount, they just relied on our honesty. The outboard fuel was very expensive at 1.17 GBP per litre, a pound more than in Trinidad!!

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