Not Enough Wind!

Can’t recall writing that before but our trip to Antigua was just over 40 miles and we had to motor most of the way. Waste of diesel really but it was incredibly calm, a little below forecast and we both just sat reading whilst ‘Cyril’ our autopilot took us from Deshaies to Falmouth. We had a cargo boat to avoid, as we were motoring and then his huge wake which took our speed down by 3 knots for a couple of seconds but apart from that, nothing to do. On arrival there were a couple of huge private yachts anchored just outside the entrance, presumably too big to get into the harbour.

One Big Ship To Avoid

The trip from Les Iles Des Saintes to Deshaies was much the same, having to motor behind Guadeloupe in the lulls. Deshaies was very quiet, the quietest we have ever seen it and we wondered if the news of the recently installed mooring buoys was to blame or it could just be early in the season still. We had a look at several of the new moorings but they all seemed to say ‘boats of less than 40 feet in length’ so we anchored as usual. Howard and Wendy on ‘Blue Moon’ took one and were not asked to pay for it so we can’t comment on the costs involved. We assume that moorings for longer boats will be laid at some point.

Empty Deshaies

Before clearing out in the Pelican clothes and gift shop in the main street, we had a drink in our favourite bar, overlooking the bay but realised how much prices have increased since we left Trinidad. A bottle of wine there was half the price of one glass in Deshaies! The wonderful bakery at the head of the dinghy dock was open too, full of delicious pastries and Christmas log cakes.

Sunset In Deshaies

So, we are now happily in Antigua for Christmas and are anchored in the northeast of Falmouth Harbour, again very quiet with about a tenth of the number of boats we saw in April when Classics was on. The dinghy dock is nice and empty but there are a few huge super yachts in the marinas, some of which will move on to St Barts for Christmas as it is the ‘in’ place to be apparently. We know several yachts here and are anchored next to ‘Partners’, ‘Adagio’, ‘Blue Moon’ and ‘Secret Smile’.

Approaching Antigua After 6 Hours Of Motoring

I cleared in yesterday in Nelson’s Dockyard, where there is still space to go stern to the dock for Christmas. The online system I use to check in was down again, so I had to repeat all the information on the form. You need to press very hard when you fill it in, as there are no less than 5 copies to get down to. The cost this time was 122 EC$ (about 30 GBP) and you can pay in US$ and by card. That done, I lowered the Q flag and we had a BBQ to celebrate our arrival.

Falmouth Harbour - Almost Deserted

Now we are staying put for a while I have gone into ‘house’ mode and yesterday morning I played the Christmas CD I love the most, playing Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ full blast and dancing. I have promised not to play any more Christmas music until the 21st but whilst I’m inside baking it is very tempting. We decorated the inside and outside of Beyzano with just a week to go, quite late for us! We bought new sets of solar powered garden lights to go down both sides of the boat and we still have the net lights for hanging across the stern. The new ones last the entire 12 hours of darkness, so the technology has improved. We certainly won’t have any difficulty finding her in the dark from now on.

Another Christmas On Beyzano

This is our 6th Christmas since we moved onto the boat and we are looking forward to a busy time socialising with our friends and enjoying the events on offer around Nelson’s Dockyard and Falmouth ☺

An Alternative Christmas Tree

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  1. Peter says:

    Happy Christmas Rob&Rhian (and Beyzee)of course, can’t believe its your 6th xmas, would love too see a pic of Beyzano in her xmas outfit if you could manage it, all the best and have a great season.

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