Special Hello To The Crew Of Sunsail Yacht In Tyrrel Bay!

After an all too brief weekend in Carriacou, the weather looked far better to head back to Grenada yesterday, so off we went. As we departed the bay, we motored by a charter boat and one of the crew pointed to us and Rob thought he heard him say ‘I know that boat, I’ve been following their blog!’ So to him we say ‘Hi’ and sorry we didn’t get to meet up. For anyone else who sees us anywhere and has the time to drop by, please do, as you are always welcome. We have met several lovely people that way!

Approaching Diamond Rock At The Isle De Ronde

The trip south was much easier than going north, with the wind on our port quarter and the seas the same. The wind did get up to Force 5 but with it behind us it seems less and the passage was very comfortable.

Sailing Close To One Of The Sister's Rocks

We passed through the sisters rocks at the Isle de Ronde, quite dramatic being so close but the water is deep all around these islands. Grenada was shrouded in rain and barely visible at times but we were lucky and the rain passed ahead of us.

Grenada Under A Cloud

We often see a tug pulling a barge at some distance behind it and yesterday we got a photo to show how far apart they are. You can see the tow rope near both but not in the expanse between that!

Long Tow!

St George’s anchorage is still quiet but it was a bit rolly last night, with a northerly swell getting in. It feels like we are sleeping in a cradle. Some more rain gave us a nice rainbow but we were happily anchored by then, on our second attempt. Holding is patchy in the bay and with a week of stronger winds forecast, we need to stay put.

Rain Ahead & It Stayed Ahead

Ideally we would like to get around the south-west tip into Prickly Bay or Mount Hartman but it all depends on the sea state and if we want to bash into the wind and waves. From here we can get the local bus around the island and dinghy into the city, so we are free to provision and meet up with friends.

Evening Rainbow In St George's

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2 Responses to Special Hello To The Crew Of Sunsail Yacht In Tyrrel Bay!

  1. Pete Sumner says:

    Hi, I was the skipper of the Sunsail yacht in Tyrrel Bay the other day that recognised you. Fantastic hearing to have picked up my comment and yes I have been following your blog for quite some while. Love sailing in this part of the world but could only manage a week this time from Grenada to Bequia and back. Your blog has been a really great source of updated information, hope to actually meet up next time I’m over on a bareboat charter and will continue to follow over the long winter months, take care!
    Pete Sumner

  2. Rhian says:

    Thanks for getting in touch and hope you had a good week’s sailing between 2 of our favourite islands. Look forward to meeting you next time you are in the Caribbean!

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