In Guernsey Preparing For Our Son’s Wedding

We have had glorious weather for the last few days, just in time for James and Gisella’s Wedding in Guernsey.

Bella Luce Hotel - Our Home For 4 Nights

The short flight from Southampton gave us a glimpse of the sea again, as we crossed the English Channel and we realised how much we miss the water. I just stared out of the window the entire time and wished I was sailing.

Clear Water - Just Chillier Than We Are Used To

The first day we met up with Richard and Kathy from ‘Mr Curly’, quite strange to see them fully clothed and inland 🙂 Richard kindly picked us up in a convertible Mini and after lunch he drove us around the island to show us the beaches and history of this small but beautiful island.

St Peter Port

The boys went to the yacht club to look at boats and feel homesick whilst the girls went shopping around the lovely streets of St Peter Port, making use of the last days of the sales to find suitable sandals for the Caribbean.

The Entrance To Beaucette

We went to the marina at Beaucette, to view the narrow entrance. Years ago we thought about entering but decided we were too inexperienced to risk it in a big swell and looking at the tiny gap in the cliffs I think we were right.

Grounds Of The Bella Luce Hotel

Saturday was the big day and our room overlooked the pool and gardens so we had a view of the ‘Wedding Fairy’ organising proceedings and checking everything was perfect. James and Gisella have organised absolutely everything themselves, so the day was a big surprise to all the guests.

My huge hat box arrived in another guest’s car as it was not going to fit in the plane. It was a real change to be getting dressed up and I did enjoy the couple of hours getting ready with Kym.

Finally We Are Ready To Go!

The Bella Luce Hotel is a wonderful setting and we have luxuriated in the room and even had a big breakfast in bed on the Wedding morning, to save getting dressed twice.

Not Our Normal Breakfast

I’m not allowed to post anything up about the big day itself until the Bride has, so the rest of the photos will have to wait until later but I’ll just finish with one of the father of the groom in his finery.

My Date For The Day

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  1. Gwyneth says:

    You look very elegant and I am biased as I chose the same colour for my daughter’s wedding! Of course Rob looked splendid too. Looking forward to the wedding photos.

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