More Boat Work

Lots of progress since the last post, with the hull prepared and painted, the cutlass bearing and rudder bearing back in, the mainsail off the boom and the dinghy up on deck. Still have a few more small jobs to do but they should be finished in time to get the taxi to the airport tomorrow at 1300.

Being Wrapped Up

The paint spray has been done by Allen Dowden and we have been impressed with the careful preparation and screening of the boat and our neighbours. We awoke yesterday to hear the workmen before 0700, as they put the final plastic sheets in place and we were ‘wrapped’ into the boat for a few hours. Chance to pack!

Bow Showing Our Neighbouring Steel Boat

The finish is amazingly shiny, so much so that you can use the hull as a mirror and see the yard and other boats in it. The steel one in front of us is a large project and I can’t imagine getting any motivation to work on it. Would be wonderful to see her restored but there are many boats here which we saw in 2012 and nothing has been done since.

Our Shiny Stern & Reflections!

The cutlass bearing and prop shaft are all back in place, as is the rudder bearing, so we hope to see the rudder installed today.

New Cutlass Bearing In Place

When we return the hull needs to be sanded as it looks as if Beyz has had measles with all the white ‘cement’ left from under each barnacle. Then I’ll give her 3 coats of blue antifouling with an extra coat on the waterline, rudder, keel and leading edges. We decided to try a couple of coats of hard antifouling and another of soft and see if that lasts any longer.

Measles Everywhere!

Today we need to top up the diesel tanks to replace the few litres we used getting to Trinidad, get some dehumidifier refills and distilled water for the batteries. Jesse Singh of J&J Boat Care is looking after the boat whilst we are away. The boat will be in a real mess, so Ken and Judith have invited us over to their apartment for drinks tonight.

I have been through all the food, given away anything likely to deteriorate and binned anything the cockroaches might find attractive. We put some fresh traps in the bilges and hope our 3 year run of not having any infestations continues. A few plastic bags up the holes in the hull should discourage anything climbing up as well. The water tanks will be empty, fuel tanks full and the automatic bilge pump on in case of any deck or hatch leaks. Foil lining the windows helps keep the heat down but other than that we have to leave her and hope she is OK.

Tomorrow we need to prop up the mattresses to air, open all the cupboards and lockers and clear out at customs in Crew’s Inn. We need to clear off the boat with papers prepared by Powerboats Yard, as well as exit at the airport. A list was needed of all the expensive items onboard plus anything personal we are taking out and then back in.

On our return we have to go to Customs first and you are timed from the airport as it is totally forbidden to go back to the boat prior to Customs. A separate bag, all itemised and labelled is required to bring any boat parts back in but it is duty free if you abide by the simple rules. We didn’t have any issues last time 🙂

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