Cold & Windy In The UK!

Our journey back to the UK went to plan. The 6 bags carrying a duogen, propellor, sextant and various souvenirs of the islands were man handled down the ladder. An hour and a half in a nice air-conditioned minibus cost 25 GBP and there were no other passengers checking in for the BA flight from Trinidad to St Lucia. We managed to blag the duogen through as ‘sports equipment’ and as it was less than 72 inches long, it didn’t have to go as cargo. Everything survived the flight as well, including 6 brandy glasses we are bringing back for friends. The only downside was the lounge food, this being the driest sandwiches and donuts I’ve ever attempted to eat but we hadn’t had lunch!

I always put my watch to UK time straight away, so we were already on 2140 by the time we took off, gone midnight from St Lucia and eating dinner at past 0200. Then you have just a few hours until breakfast, so there is no way you can get into Gatwick feeling refreshed, despite the flat beds in business.

'Very Fast - At Nearly 60'

The next hurdle was car hire. We couldn’t remember how big the car was so wondered if the luggage was going to fit in. It did, just. I drove back whilst Rob slept but the car is one of the eco variety and cuts out when you stop at junctions and go into neutral gear. Quite a shock the first time 🙂

We have been busy every day so far with haircuts (hadn’t had mine done since October), opticians (Rob’s eyes are strangely improving, so he needs new glasses with less prescription – bizarre) and a couple of events to celebrate his upcoming 60th birthday.

Fast In A Ferrari

Yesterday was one of his ‘birthday days’ and the afternoon was spent at Heyford Park driving a Ferrari, Subaru, Lotus Elise and a Porsche at high speed. His report card just said ‘very fast – well done’ and we could see him racing around the track overtaking lots of other cars.

Celebrating With UK Friends

Last night 12 of us gathered for a meal and he didn’t have a clue he was going out, let alone that he was seeing lots of our friends, so it was a great night. Tomorrow we go to London to desperately hunt for clothes for the Wedding in 3 week’s time. All Rob has so far is a tie the groom bought him and I have a hat which I might not even wear. Could be a stressful day.

Powerboats Yard emailed us a photo of Beyzano to show they had put the tie downs in place, so we know she is safe and sound. We have 4 free days between now and when we return, are getting used to the cold and a bed that doesn’t move!

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2 Responses to Cold & Windy In The UK!

  1. Gwyneth says:

    Pleased you are safely back in UK – honestly, it has been very hot this summer but decided to cool down this last week!! Just in time for your arrival. Hope you get your Wedding outfits sorted. I spoke to Olwen last week as we are planning to visit her in mid Sept. She said she is having a problem with her blood sugar at the moment so wasn’t feeling on top form but is looking forward to your visit. Enjoy yourselves with the new haircuts and l hope the temperatures improve and Rob is having a great time celebrating. Love Gwyneth xx

  2. Lin Griffiths says:

    Blimey, you have certainly hit the ground running….!
    Have a great time.
    Lin and Bob x

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