Another ‘Birthday’ Day!

Rob had another surprise birthday celebration on Tuesday when we spent the day in London.

Red Poppies Through The Rain

I had booked a champagne visit to the Shard, the huge and impressive building next to London Bridge Station. Sadly the weather was just as bad as predicted and we only got a short time with any view at all.

Grey Day Over London

Owen joined us and we whizzed up 68 floors in seconds in the lift, just glad we didn’t have to take the stairs. Through the rain we did manage to see the poppies filling the moat at the Tower of London, a lovely tribute to all those who lost their lives in the First World War. Apparently they can be bought for about 25 GBP each and the ceramic poppies remain in the moat until November 11th when they will be posted to their owners. What a wonderful idea.

The Cloud Rolls In - Typical!!

We spent about an hour and a half trying to see the sights below us but as the conditions weren’t very good we got return tickets to be used within 3 months, which we gave to friends who can get to London. Rather a long trip from Trinidad!

Happy 'Pre-Birthday' To You!

Then we met James, the groom-to-be and he took Rob to see the James Bond exhibition at Covent Garden. Rob waxed lyrical about that, so it must have been good. Owen and I whizzed about on the tube and had a pleasant lunch out of the rain.

Atmospheric London Cafe

In the evening we were treated to a meal and got the last but one train back to Thatcham, after a tiring but great day. Rob has his suit for the Wedding and as it isn’t very snug he can afford a few desserts beforehand, lucky him 🙂

Yum :-)

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