Life In Grenada

We have been happily settled in Mount Hartman Bay for a week and a half, joining in as many of the social activities as we feel up to and doing a lot of walking over to the next bay, Prickly, to watch the tennis and motor racing.

Lots Of Boats, Not So Many People

Darren has done a lot with Prickly Bay Marina, has a new air-conditioned sports bar, a screen at the bar outside and another screen by the restaurant. This means we can watch football, the Grand Prix and the Wimbledon Men’s Final on Sunday! Sadly we watched Andy Murray lose his quarter final but are now rooting for Roger Federer in his bid to beat the record of Wimbledon wins. The bar is a nice place to view the tennis but note the number of bottles of alcohol not guarded by staff ☺

Murray Just Serving To Lose The Match

Darren has also built a great stage and puts something on nearly every night. We took part in the Trivia Quiz with our friends Richard and Cathy from ‘Mr Curly’ and came third last night despite getting the feeling we had done really badly. There were lots of medical students from St George’s University there but a couple of teams were disqualified for playing too many jokers and they would have won otherwise.

Excellent Facilities At Prickly Bay Marina

Mount Hartman looks very full of boats now but hardly any have people onboard. Most have no sails up and their dinghies are on the deck or davits and will remain there throughout hurricane season. To be honest, the number of moorings is getting a bit silly now, leaving little room to anchor and meaning the local restaurant/bar is very quiet and lacking atmosphere. To be putting down moorings in an anchorage you don‘t own is just bad manners, the moorings are therefore deemed illegal and some are not maintained. One boat we know broke loose last year and has moved several metres recently and I hope she is insured.

Water Catchers At The Ready!

We have had a couple of good rain downpours and caught 200 litres of water during 1 of them. Hopefully Carriacou also received their much needed supplies. You can see the dark clouds coming over the hill, accompanied by stronger winds and shifts but they don’t last long.

Colourful Hard Hats At The Construction Site

The radio net continues to be a source of great information and some amusement. Patrick aka ‘Shademan’ is a wonderful character and does a lot of work with cruisers here. Lately he was advertising the weekly hash and said ‘come have fun with me in the bushes’ which caused a smile. Another day he was answering a question about hairdressers and recommended a lady who could cut ‘white people’s hair’. There isn’t much worry here about being politically correct, which is a relief to everyone. We heard a guy in Antigua referring to himself as the ‘top n****r in this restaurant’ (which he ran or perhaps owned) another total no-no in the UK. People are welcoming, happy and friendly and we don’t see anything negative in their attitude to us, nor is there in ours to them.

When I went back to the Mount Airey Reader’s Programme a couple of weeks ago, I was surrounded by children who gave me lots of hugs. It had been several months since I was last there and their display of affection was truly touching and something I’ll always remember. This is not my country but I feel totally connected to it.

The after effects of the Chikungunya continued for a month and then started to worsen. I got quite despondent 1 day as I really began to think I would be permanently suffering this instant arthritis in all my limb joints. Fortunately, I read about drinking lots of coconut water to flush out the virus from the liver and using Nutmeg Oil to help ease the pain in the joints and I have started to improve. At least I can dress myself now and lift my laptop without sharp pain and worrying about dropping it. Just hope it continues to get better as I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

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