Last Days In Grenada

The weather forecast is looking good for getting to Trinidad later this week. This time we plan to leave around midnight, so most of the sail is in daylight. The safer passage is out of Prickly Bay, so we will move out of Mount Hartman and spend half a night anchored in the next bay. We can also clear out there and get wonderful bread for just 66 pence (GBP) at the marina.

The Man Himself 'Shademan' aka Patrick

With school term finished until September, I had the chance to get a ride on Shademan’s taxi into the capital on Saturday, visiting the bakery on the way. Merrie and her husband work so hard there, getting up at 4am and producing delicious breads and pastries. They want to retire now though and the bakery is for sale.

Too Much Temptation At The Merry Baker, Port Louis

After that we went to the chandlery, market and wandered around St George’s. The Carenage is still one of my favourite ‘town’ sights in the Caribbean. Shademan has been working with the cruising community for 7 years and his week is pretty much the same year in year out. He takes people to the city shopping and then the hike on Saturdays, the cookery class on Thursdays, shopping on Wednesdays and Fridays and the fish Friday celebrations half way up the island. He works really hard and was even happy to taxi people around on Christmas Day. He is also a font of knowledge on the radio net for anything people need to source or find out about.

Thick Gloopy Mud - Perfect

We have always enjoyed being in Mount Hartman due to the calm and peaceful surroundings. The muddy seabed has excellent holding too, so we never worry when we leave the boat. Some people even fly home and leave their boats at anchor for extended periods but I don’t think our insurers would appreciate us doing that.

Last week we went to a great jam session at Whisper Cove Marina and will dinghy around for this week’s event, pick up some meat and fish from their excellent Meat Market and get the boat ready for her 80 mile trip to Chagaramus, Trinidad. It will be good to be off sailing again as whenever the weather is favourable we both itch to get going.

Only this week we received comments and emails from 3 people who read this blog and it is gratifying to know that it is still useful to people from all over the globe. We never understood how people find it but it is great that some of our experience is helpful to others. Some write for the first time to say they have followed our blog for 3 years, so thanks to everyone who reads about Beyzano!

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2 Responses to Last Days In Grenada

  1. Liam Drennan says:

    Hi Rhian and Rob,
    This is Liam and mags from Crosshaven Cork Ireland.
    We have followed your blog for the last two years with great interest.
    Last October we purchased a 2002 beneteau 473. She (Maggie) is in great condition. We are heading off on our first long trip next week – holiday for two weeks in west Cork / Kerry – can’t wait

  2. Rhian says:

    Thanks for getting in touch and congratulations on your 473! We hope you enjoy your sailing and have fair winds. We love Ireland but have never sailed there and would like to take Beyzano to Kinsale one day.

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