Being Patient

We are still in Mount Hartman Bay, Grenada, still watching the weather and looking for a nice calm passage to Trinidad. With the tropical waves coming across the Atlantic regularly at this time of year, finding a window between them during which there is time for the swell to die down isn’t easy. Hurricanes are spawned from these tropical waves and they originate off Africa. Many web sites track them and give predictions about their likelihood of developing, so there is good forecasting.

So, we are happily waiting, enjoying the social life and great provisioning but also aware that our flight is 3 weeks tomorrow!

As an example of the lifestyle in Grenada for cruisers, these were the activities announced on just 1 morning’s radio net. Spoilt for choice ☺

Tai chi
Noodling (aerobic exercise in the sea)
Drumming lessons
Poker game
Hobie cat racing
Shopping buses
Build a burger lunch (2.50 GBP)
Lunch and evening meal specials at different locations
‘Fresh bread is ready’
Music festival
Hike all Saturday afternoon
Fish Friday further north (street stalls selling local fish and rum)
Steel pan band
Volley ball
New air-conditioned family room with pool table, TVs etc
Boat jumble
Book swop

Many boats are now in Grenada until November, so there is plenty of time to meet old friends and make new ones. It is an incredibly sociable environment, totally safe to walk around after dark and going out is reasonably priced. It is deemed to be out of the main hurricane zone, another factor in its popularity but they have had major, catastrophic hurricanes here as recently as 2004.

Our bay has really filled up lately and a boat we have seen in different islands since the beginning of the year is also here with their ‘buddy boat’ anchored next to them. Some boats only travel with their buddy boat, keep in touch on the radio constantly and most seem to be American. Brits tend to be a bit more anti-social and like to go when they want to go and not fit in with another boat!

We have 6 friends already in Trinidad awaiting our arrival and we don’t want to put it off too long or we may miss them. Ken and Judith are on Badger’s Sett and we last saw them in February when they waited for us in St Lucia so we could all go to the Jambe de Bois. Another couple we met here in December and will see again in Guernsey in September when our son gets married there. We have friends all over the place now and offers of a stable bed to recuperate in for Rob should he have his shoulder operated on, varying from England to Barbados. People are very kind and as we all live a similar lifestyle, conscious of the issues we all have being sea gypsies 🙂

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