Ashore In Trinidad

After all the waiting we spent a day in Prickly Bay, said goodbye to our friends and I also caught up with an ex-colleague I last saw in early 2010. We both used to talk about sailing away from work and we both have, with no regrets!

Endless Sea - My Favourite View

We left at 0045 yesterday, in company with ‘Temptress’ but the forecast 15 knots of wind never materialised and we ended up motoring all but 1 hour of the 15 hour trip and it became quite slow against some adverse currents at times. We spoke to Kevin and Susie during the day and it is always good to know someone is close by when you are sailing close to Venezuela.

As Close To Venezuela As This Boat Is Going To Be!

So, after quite a slow journey, without landing the 1 fish which took a bite of our lure, we motored through the Boca and were grateful it was nice and calm. Our first trip through there in 2012 was very rough.

Approaching The Boca Channel

The scenery is stunning around the coastline, a bit like the film ‘Jurassic Park’, with birds flying over steep sided islands with dramatic, lush vegetation.

Stunning Scenery

The small anchorage area is definitely less busy this time. Previously we had to anchor in 20 metres but this time there was space inside the area with about 10 metres depth. We saw 1 empty mooring ball and as luck would have it, it belonged to ‘Cape’, friends of ours who are in Grenada for a while, so we took that overnight.

Calm Anchoring Area In Chaguaramas

We had to pay 30 GBP in overtime charges, as we were 10 minutes late for Customs & Immigration but Customs is 24 hours and Immigration is open until 1800. Overtime is after 1600 unfortunately but the forms are simple and the staff were very courteous and friendly, so it didn’t take long.

More Lovely Scenery En Route

Then we were free to find our favourite coffee shop, have a couple of iced mochas and then dinghy off to see friends we know are here. We had a disturbed night, close to the dock where a huge ship ran a generator all night and loaded cargo.

Safely In The Lifting Bay - Relief!

At 0600 we were putting out fenders and getting the genoa down before going over to Powerboats Yard to do paperwork and then haul up the outboard and dinghy. We were due to haul at 1000 but at 1100 we went into the lifting bay, very gingerly. My least favourite part of sailing, bringing Beyzano into tiny concrete lined lifting bays! Rob didn’t see my hands literally shaking on the wheel as I reversed her back but we got in without hitting the pillars, so the staff said I could smile and take the tense look off my face. Easy for them to say πŸ™‚

Some Of Thousands Of Barnacles

They left us in the bay whilst they had lunch (tools go down from 12-1 no matter what) but we were out after that and Rob and I set about scraping off the numerous barnacles. Not my best look, squished up barnacle body in my hair but I didn’t swallow any this time as I kept my mouth firmly shut for once πŸ™‚

On Her Way Looking Fed Up Being On Land Already

She was then moved to a very tight space and put on props chained together. Jet wash, electricity, water, air-conditioning unit and tie downs came next and we are all set for the weekend. A couple of contractors came to give prices for the work we want done this time; stripping off all the 12 years of antifouling, spruce up the paintwork, polish the hull and replace the cutlass bearing. Other than that it is just the usual maintenance we do ourselves, for which a long spreadsheet has been compiled, much to Rob’s dismay. Those years in Project Management weren’t wasted after all πŸ™‚

Amazing Driving - Tight Fit

All the staff we knew here 2 years ago are still here, obviously like working at Powerboats. There is a ‘pot luck BBQ’ tonight, so better get off to the shower and see if I can get the barnacles off.

The Dynamic Trio - Two With Barnacle Yuk In Their Hair

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