Still Parched In Tyrrel Bay

A couple of very brief rain showers arrived recently but nowhere near enough. Some of the restaurants have just days left in their cisterns and rely on catching water for their premises. Many houses are empty, being holiday homes, so it might become necessary to access their cisterns and take the water, if that is legal. Old wells which bore into the fresh water along the shoreline haven’t been used in years and locals doubt they still work. The only other option is for Grenada to send more water to Carriacou but the last shipment was contained in a rusty hold and they couldn’t drink it. Looking at the weather forecast, not much rain is expected in the next week either, so it is becoming a crisis. We have almost 400 litres left plus lots of drinking water in bottles and we have the luxury of being able to sail to Grenada when we get low on reserves.

Orange Shorts With Green Slime And Eau De Poisson!

One of the most difficult things is being away from the family and any occasion brings that home to us. Fortunately, communications are quite good these days but connections on WiFi can be slow and today it was too slow to Skype with the family for father’s day, so text messages and email had to do. We have 3 options here; 1: a donation to the Carriacou Children’s Education Fund to obtain the password. They have sponsors who pay for bay wide access and it is usually very fast. 2: Cruiser’s WiFi for 8 US$ a day or 25 US$ a week. It is available in several locations in Grenada and Trinidad also. 3: Go to a local bar and pay for a drink!

Tyrrel Bay Boatyard

The chikungunya is still affecting me. Rob is feeling fine now but I still have very weak and aching joints, especially my hands, elbows and shoulders. I just don’t have any strength and struggle to open bottle tops and hold up the freezer lid, something I’m not used to at all and frankly would rather not get used to. So much on the boat relies on strength, such as hoisting up the dinghy but I refuse to live on pain-killers, so have to put up with it and hope it improves over the next few weeks. We have been told the virus never leaves the body but we will build up immunity and should be back to normal in a month. It also seems to affect women more than men and has now taken hold in 6 states in the USA.

New Roof For The Iguana Bar

We have been staying on the boat, resting and generally being very lazy as I don’t have the energy to do much more. The one major task we managed this week, was to take the outboard off the dinghy for the first time in 6 months, enabling us to tip the dinghy over and clean the bottom. It saved rowing it to the beach and was a quick job being hard bottomed. Rob smelt like a fish afterwards, so we both had a swim to cool off and get cleaned up. Being in the salt water is the 1 thing which helps my aching joints and relaxing with the support of foam ‘noodle’s really gives some relief.

View From The Lazy Turtle

We also had a short walk to the Yacht Club and saw the great progress they have made with the new roof for the bar area. It should open this weekend. The boatyard is quite full with hauled out yachts and it is a nice place to stay.

Lazy Turtle Bar, Book Swop & Lumbidive Shop Beyond

We continued along the beach to the Lazy Turtle for lunch but were the only ones there. It gets busier in the evenings but we are now wary of mosquitos! They don’t like a breeze, so at sunset we prefer to be on the boat. The service was friendly, the view is lovely and their butterflied shrimps were great but the pizzas were a bit bland.

We took the bus into Hillsborough for some larger food stores and Patty’s Deli, met up with friends on ‘Ocean Rainbow’ for a drink, who we also bumped into in Antigua and first met here. They are off to Grenada soon but we are still waiting here for ‘Jambalaya’.

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2 Responses to Still Parched In Tyrrel Bay

  1. Peter, Laura & Scarlett says:

    Lazy turtle bar looks a little quiet? where are all the people, many times I have admired your photo’s of these lovely locations and wondered, no people? how do they make a living?
    sorry to read of your chickengunya virus, sounds nasty little bug, do hope you both recover soon and do not have long lasting effects from it, is there an antidote?
    On another note does BeyZ have a watermaker? sounds like its a tad dry out there.
    I guess you will be hauling out soon, I read on noonsite that the expectancy for this years hurricane season is lower than normal, good news? but then I remember being down the menai straits in wales when michael fish said his famous words about a little storm called Charlie some years ago, but my trusty ufo34 weathered it in style, not pleasant though!!

  2. Rhian says:

    Hi, Good to hear from you and hope all is well with the family.

    Yes, all the bars and restaurants have to make enough money between November and April to see them through the low season or bring local people in with special offers instead. Some premises just close for 6 months but that just leaves the staff unpaid. Guess they are used to the routine though.

    We do run the watermaker, so very fortunate to have that option. It will make 60 litres an hour. Some islands have invested in desalination plants but not all can afford them.

    Last year NOAA predicted a very active hurricane season but it turned out to be the quietest for a decade, so hoping they are correct this year!

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