Getting Better In Tyrrel Bay

Although Bob, at Dive Bequia, urged us to stay in Bequia in case we had a relapse, like he had had, we felt well enough to sail the few miles south to stop in Mayreau on Tuesday, followed by a short sail to Clifton Harbour on Union Island to clear out of the Grenadines.

It was one of our best sails this season with low swell and wind on the beam, a very comfortable trip. We were both still very tired though and even getting a few fenders out was exhausting. We topped up the water tanks via Daffodil’s barge which came alongside us in Bequia. The islands are incredibly dry and we are desperate for rain. Bob told us that he had bought water for the first time in 30 years.

Clifton Harbour, Union Island

Clifton was quiet, compared to earlier in the season and we anchored just behind the reef. Friends on ‘Mr Curly’ kindly picked me up so we didn’t need to launch the dinghy and that saved us some energy. Customs was by the fishing dock but we had to walk to the airport for Immigration.

We then sailed on gently to Tyrrel Bay in Carriacou and anchored in a patch of sand quite close to the beach. Clearing in cost over 20 pounds, which is quite expensive but it lasts a month and includes Petit Martinique and Grenada. We have further friends here and also met a couple on ‘Heymede’, one of whom had also been ill. We were well enough to collect 75 litres of water for them as they had been stuck on their boat a few days.

We got a little shopping locally but the bigger supermarkets are in Hillsborough. A load of laundry cost 7.77 to wash, dry and fold and is returned within a few hours. The bay is quiet and there is loads of space to anchor but a couple of cafes are shut for low season. If we continue to feel better we will dive next week as we couldn’t in Bequia.

View From The Slipway

The Slipway Restaurant is as good as ever but closes today for 3 weeks. We made the best of it with lunch on Friday, dinner last night for our Wedding Anniversary and lunch for 8 of us today! Next we are off for sundowner drinks on ‘Ocean Rainbow’ and that’s a lovely sociable Sunday done. Tomorrow is a public holiday, so we’ll just chill out and explore the town on Tuesday.

Inside The Slipway, Tyrrel Bay

A local dog just gave birth to 10 labrador puppies, so I’m on orders not to go and see them!

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