Back ‘Home’ In Grenada

Caribbean time delayed ‘Jambalaya’, so reluctantly we decided to head south on Wednesday ahead of some windier weather. Carriacou just doesn’t have enough large supermarkets to give a wide variety of food and too many of our usual haunts were closed.

Calm Enough To Read & Keep His Hat On!

The trip was one of the best of the season, in lovely calm seas and the wind on the beam. We passed the Isle De Ronde, a favourite anchorage when it isn’t rolly and took care to avoid, just, the volcanic exclusion zone around ‘Kick ’em Jenny’. The green line is where we will actually sail, the red is our heading. The difference is caused by the west going current and wind.

Just Skirting The Red Circle

We were soon in the lee of Grenada. Seeing the clouds above the rainforest and the greenery was a real contrast to Carriacou and Bequia. Rob read for most of the way, didn’t catch a tuna for tea but we enjoyed the 29 mile sail into St George’s.

Isle De Ronde - Between Carriacou & Grenada

There have been reports of boardings at the St George’s Anchorage, on the Cruiser’s Net. Someone swims out in the middle of the night and boards the boats which have hatches open, then swims off with whatever he can find. We anchored quite well back from the beach as a precaution. A visit to Foodland took us past Port Louis marina, half empty as they have removed the super-yacht pontoons to dredge.

Proper Clouds Above Grenada

Yesterday we filled up with fuel and water at the Yacht Club and were glad to find it open on a public holiday. Unfortunately the attendant wasn’t there when we arrived and the rubber matting on the rough concrete corner of the dock had fallen off. For the first time in 6 years we damaged the boat ourselves – a miserable feeling! We have a few dinks on the bow too, where the raising anchor sometimes swings in and hit it. There are a few scratches where the rough, wooden boats belonging to some of the boat boys have scraped along the hull too, so we think it time to fix all the damage when we get to Trinidad and get Beyzano ship-shape again.

Some Green Vegetation At Last

For once, it was calm when we motored around the SW tip of Grenada by the airport and along the coast for 4 miles into Mount Hartman Bay. The entrance is still heart stopping when you realise 4 buoys are missing and there are reefs all around you but being anxious is better than blasé! Once inside we looked at anchoring in a different area, to the east of the bay but it is too calm there and the boats swing in odd directions, so we decided to move back to the western side where the wind and current is more constant. It has been gusty today and we had a rain shower at last to wash the decks of the red dust we accumulated in Carriacou. The decks were running with red mud, so no chance of collecting any for drinking for a while. If we hadn’t been going shopping we would have been on deck in swimwear scrubbing the teak. Next time!

Nothing much has changed here and it certainly feels like home. George’s shopping trip runs on Fridays and Tuesdays so we joined fellow cruisers this morning to go to the big IGA supermarket at Spice Island Mall. We recognised so many faces and got real milk!!! De Big Fish, where we spent Christmas and New Year’s Eve, has closed and is virtually demolished for a big renovation job. It is going to open as a more up-market restaurant ‘soon’.

I am still suffering the aches and weakness in my arms as a result of the Chikungunya. To put it in perspective; the other morning I didn’t have the strength to squeeze the toothpaste onto my brush. Rob is having to do a lot more for me and as a bolshy ‘I can do it myself’ type, that doesn’t feel right at all. I hate taking tablets but have given in to a few ibuprofen to get my joints moving as I’m afraid they will seize up completely if I don’t use them.

Generally though all is well and we are happy to be in Grenada again, despite the ‘Camp Grenada’ tag and looking forward to those old familiar events. Mount Airey’s reader’s programme for me tomorrow morning to help the children with their english and maths. and Rob is off to the Merrie Baker for chelsea buns and the produce market on Shademan’s bus. We will stay here a few weeks before our overnight passage to Trinidad around the 22 July and catch up with old friends.

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  1. Donna and David says:

    David is staying at Cool Runnings while Merlin is on the hard at Spice island till early July getting some dings repaired, rudder realigned and a new arch atop for those solar panels. Give him a shout on the VHF. Sadly he forgot his phone . The dinghy is in the water and he is over at PBM a bit. If you need any help with anything or an apt to crash in, get in touch with him. Sorry that darn virus is still with you, how awful.

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