Pleasant Trip To St Lucia

At last a good sail with fair winds and not much swell. Even the tide rips on the charts didn’t materialise this time as we passed through them at slack water.

Easier Than Hauling Out - Boat Lift In Marin

We left Marin and the boat we have been watching being worked on in the boat lift was still in place, so we didn’t get to see it relaunch.

There were a few more fish pots to contend with until we got into deeper water. Do the fishermen really think that 2 invisible, transparent, empty coke bottles are actually easier to see than 1!!

Approaching Rodney Bay From The North - Rare Calm!

The sail took just 4 hours and we were soon anchored near Landings Hotel again with a metre of water underneath us. There are some patches of sand but it is often mixed with dead coral and you can drag in Rodney Bay. The noise of the anchor chain rumbling over the small rocks is another issue and of course, being Friday night, the local music was full on at the ‘Jump Up’.

Customs was quick and painless as I had remembered to register with SeaClear online before we left Martinique. The fee is still just under 10 GBP and everyone was in good spirits as it was almost the weekend. The bay is very empty and we had acres of space to choose from. Even the pretty anchorage by our favourite restaurant, Le Jambe De Bois, was quiet.

Le Jambe De Bois On Pigeon Island

We had a meal there last night. Less than 30 GBP for 5 drinks, 3 of which were cocktails, 2 starters and 2 mains. Plus a fantastic view, big dinghy dock and great staff. They also, unfortunately, had a stray puppy looking for a home and he is adorable, calm, friendly and very nearly irresistible!

'Scooter' - Looking For A Home

Rodney Bay Marina’s Boardwalk is much the same, with 1 new restaurant and Ocean Club still closed but it is quiet here. Just low season with everyone heading south. Sparkle came to pick up our laundry from the boat, then Gregory came along to sell fruit and vegetables.

Jambe De Bois

In the middle of the night, Rob managed to dislocate his shoulder for the 4th time but it wasn’t too badly pulled out. After a couple of painkillers I finally used some of the knowledge taught in my 4 day Medical Course and managed to pop the shoulder back in. Being anchored out in the bay, it would have been interesting getting him to hospital. He is now sat with his arm in a sling, resting it and enjoying some attention.

Terrace Overlooking Rodney Bay

The Cruiser’s Radio Net was on at 0830 on VHF Ch 68 and is run by Adam. On Saturday’s he hosts a fun quiz, starting off with guessing something random, such as ‘how many coke bottles does Cafe Ole have on display this morning?’. The nearest 2 guesses go head to head on 3 questions and we were 1 of the 2. We had to guess 2 of the answers as we weren’t sure but very luckily, they were both right. The other boat, ‘Queen Emma’ also got their 3 questions right, so instead of going to another guess of ‘how many pages are in the book I have open’, as a tie-break, they suggested we share the prize of 2 t-shirts. So we both won 🙂

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