Finally – A Decision!

We have thought about all the options endlessly, read a lot and spoken to many other sailors. We have talked through what we would like to do over the next few years and have finally made a decision. It has been difficult though as we don’t like to close down options!

I have always been more keen than Rob to do the Pacific, just because we could but there are a few reasons why we have concluded that we won’t carry on West:

1) We love the Caribbean Islands, have many friends here and feel totally at home. The Caribbean is easy for repairs, social life, provisioning and we are just too happy here 🙂
2) The cost of visiting us would become more prohibitive for our friends and family as we travel further away from the UK
3) The burden of equipment failures and breakages falls primarily on Rob and he feels that burden quite heavily, so it would be unfair to force that on him
4) We would have to spend money on the boat to improve her set up for downwind sailing over huge distances, costs can be high in parts of the Pacific and transits through Panama are expensive
5) We haven’t got a huge ‘must go’ driver to see the Pacific and were never interested in a ‘tick in the box’ sail around the globe
6) We don’t relish crossing the Atlantic twice more, nor sailing around the Cape Of Good Hope (although it can be calm!)
7) We love sailing when the conditions are reasonable but are not mad keen on sailing on the edge all the time. In addition, getting out of the cyclone zone means longer trips when you are in the Pacific

Having said all that, we have now visited 27 of the Caribbean Islands and during the next couple of years do want to explore a few new ones, in South America and North and West of the chain. We might even offer to line handle for another yacht, just for the fun of going through the Panama Canal. We then intend getting Beyzano back to the Mediterranean for a few more years of cruising.

Of course, you know what they say about plans ……….

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