Sandy & Prickly Pear Islands – Anguilla

Just a quick final post from Road Bay as we have cleared out and are checking the weather before we leave at midday. Doesn’t look like we will have much wind for a few hours but it should be slightly north of east and enable us to make Antigua tomorrow.

Dinghy Pass From Anchorage At Prickly Pear

There wasn’t a clearing out charge, so all the 3 days cost us was 35 GBP and we visited both Prickly Pear Cays and Sandy Island yesterday to snorkel on the reefs. Both are absolutely beautiful with stunning white sandy beaches and turquoise clear seas. Both have a beach bar and restaurant, with shades. Landing the dinghy on the beach at Sandy Island was interesting in the surf but we managed! There are specific mooring areas in both locations with a few white buoys in each. If none are left you can anchor in sand in the same area. You need to dinghy around into both beaches, through the pass between Prickly Pear East and West and out north around the reef at Sandy Island.

Our View From The Mooring At Sandy Island

A couple of tips though – look out for all the fish pots between the mainland and the 2 islands as there were many but all well marked with white buoys in pairs. Not very high though, so in a swell they aren’t as easy to see. Secondly, after 1000 the beach bar on Prickly Pear opens and at least 4 big party catamarans dumped up to 200 people on the beach for the day. We were just leaving as the park opens at 0600! Finally, at Sandy Island some of the moorings have broken and near the one we picked up we saw the line of a snapped mooring floating near the surface. It was still attached to the seabed and clearly a big navigational hazard. We were just lucky not to get it around our prop especially in that reef strewn area.

Idyllic Caribbean Sandy Island

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