Classics In Antigua

For the first time we are in Antigua for the Classics Weekend and able to enjoy looking at the beautiful yachts in Falmouth. The varnish work is unbelievable and the amount of work and money put into them must be very high.

Exodus & Genesis - Carriacou Sloops

We saw ‘Exodus’ being launched last Easter and saw her alongside another one of Alwyn’s sloops, ‘Genesis’. Both are racing here this weekend.

Pancakes For Breakfast!

From Jolly Harbour we sailed around to Carlisle Bay on Monday, after the Fish & Chip bus visit of course. Cooking has been a big part of the holiday, with a variety of new recipes tried out, despite the heat in the galley.

Lime Iced Gingercake

One of the problems is that everything melts really quickly if you need to cream butter and sugar or rub butter into flour, so a pastry turns liquid before you get a chance to roll it out. Melting recipes are better, such as ginger cake.

Hydrating Coconut Water

Siân has also tasted some Caribbean food, including Guava Cheese (a sweet jelly) and fresh coconut water straight from the nut. She has cooked yet another lime pie and this time decorated it with little easter eggs. We also did a full turkey roast, complete with brussel sprouts!

A Dancing Starfish

Siân is now proficient at snorkelling and has enjoyed a lot of time looking for turtles and starfish. On one trip we also saw a pipefish and crab in the clear water of Carlisle Bay.

Another New Experience

Another day we paid less than a pound to get the bus into the capital, St John’s, to check out the shops near the cruise ship docks. These were empty as the very short cruising season is now over.

Redcliffe Quay

The shopping area is very nicely laid out and only a short walk from the bus station. From experience we decided not to take her into the meat market, as it can be a very traumatic sight!

St John's - Capital Of Antigua

Sadly, Owen and Siân return home tomorrow evening and we will miss them both. We will stay around Falmouth for a few more days, taking in the free parties at the Antigua Yacht Club and going to a cream tea event in the Admiral’s Inn. The winds are higher this weekend but we should be able to set sail on Wednesday, either to Montserrat or Guadeloupe.

Owen & Sian Do The Shops

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