British Airways!!

Not quite sure what is going on with BA as we usually find them pretty good but without notifying us they cancelled a flight back from the BVI to Antigua, forcing us to turn around and sail back here.. If Owen hadn’t checked beforehand, it would have been a very last minute change for us to deal with and we wouldn’t have had time to sail back from the BVI. Then we called as requested about a refund and informed them we would no longer need the flight from Antigua to the BVI, obviously, as we couldn’t get the return when we needed it. At the airport I also let the LIAT check in desk know that Owen and Siân wouldn’t be taking the onward flight.

We then received an email from BA asking us to call them. This was to the UK, as the Caribbean number kept cutting off, costly and Rob got a feeling the guy was not particularly competent. It was only about the refund, so he checked twice that the Antigua to Gatwick flight booking was not being tampered with and finally said ‘so when the 2 passengers turn up at Antigua airport on Friday evening, the will still be on the flight’. The BA man said ‘Yes’ and both Owen and I were witnesses to the call. This was on the Tuesday but I still had negative vibes about it all.

Come Thursday night, we log in to the BA Manage My Booking site to book the seats as usual, 24 hours ahead. Disaster. The booking had been moved to May 15!!! I checked for seats in case I had to buy them again but the plane was showing full on Friday.

The BA office was now closed but opened at 0800 UK time. Alarm was set for 0300 our time and another long call ensued during which they told us that we asked for it to be changed. Completely untrue and we referred them to the recording of the conversation just a couple of days previously. Fortunately another member of staff took over and finally assured us they were back on the original flight.

Happily it all ended well and Owen and Siân are safely back in the UK but it certainly provided some stress and I was not 100% sure they would get on the flight until they were through security and sent a text!

Rob used to take up to 200 flights a year, many with BA. They never lost his luggage and were rarely late, so this latest poor level of service is quite surprising to us. What ever happened to being notified of changes to a booking, especially a new date???

Next we need to check that our flights from Trinidad in August are still correct ….. Yup, still there 🙂

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