Botanical Gardens In Guadeloupe

This morning a full telephone conversation in French was had and a car did turn up to give us a lift to the Botanical Gardens at the top of the hill. Still not 100% sure the car was the one we ordered but the lady took us to the gardens anyway! It was a very steep hill, so we were all glad we asked for a ride!

The Refreshing Sound of Running Water

Once there, the gardens were lovely. Shady with a smooth path suitable for wheelchairs and prams, with lots of seating areas along the way. The trees and shrubs were stunning and came from many other tropical countries. There is a restaurant and cafe, a shop, a waterfall and a small aviary.

One Of The Aviary Residents

In another part of the gardens was an area of bird houses with friendly, chatty parrots.

More Birds :-)

The colours and shapes of the tropical flowers are wonderful and most of the plants are recognisable as UK houseplants. The last time I saw so many under 1 roof was at Edinburgh’s Botanical Gardens in 2011 though, in a huge glasshouse.

One Of Many Stunning Tropical Plants

We were there a few hours, had an ice-cream and energetically walked back to town, downhill all the way.

L'Amer - One Of Many Pretty Restaurants

Yesterday afternoon we spent 6 hours with Lin and Bob in L’Amer, a very nice restaurant overlooking the water. We have seen a pretty church and took a dusk walk to the fishing harbour but were going to explore more of the town tomorrow.

The Source Of The Half Hourly Bells

Some northerly swells have started to come into the bay and a westerly wind, meaning we are facing into the swell at the moment. If the wind dies and we turn at all it may become quite uncomfortable and rolly, so we will see how it works out overnight. It would be nice to stay another couple of days if possible. For now we have free WiFi out on the boat, courtesy of L’Amer and are Skyping with the family ๐Ÿ™‚

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