Antigua – Races And Parties

On Sunday evening a sponsored event promoting Maine, USA took place by the Yacht Club and provided free drinks and the most delicious lobster bisque I’ve tasted. A great band played until 2000 and they raffled off a Maine passport worth 1500 US$ for dockage in the marinas there. Sadly we were just 1 number off the winning ticket!

Start Of The Final Day's Racing

The next day we wanted to watch the last of the races, starting at 1000. If you take your dinghy to Pigeon Beach and walk past Catherine’s Café and turn left for a short while along the road, you come to a sign for the trail to Fort Berkeley. Walking up the hillside takes you to a great vantage point for viewing the Classic Yacht Races and we spent an hour or more watching the starts. From there you could also clearly see the reef on the eastern side of Falmouth Harbour entrance, fortunately marked by a red buoy.

Falmouth Harbour Entrance

Yesterday we joined Lorrie and John from ‘Elephant’s Child’ at the Admiral’s Inn lawn to see the gig boat races and a delicious cream tea, served by very floral ladies in hats. Typically English, rather than Antiguan! For less than 5 GBP you could choose 3 items, one of which was 2 sandwiches, from a selection of amazing cakes, pastries and quiches, followed by a cup of tea in china cups. Many of us wore hats and it was a very pleasant afternoon. The little boats were rowed or sculled by people of different age groups and next year Rob can take part in the over 60’s ☺ A tiny girl who looked about 4, also took part and did really well and it was a fun event, nothing too serious despite some men almost collapsing once over the finish line.

Very Civilised Cream Tea

Whilst in the Dockyard we wandered over to the quays again to see the yachts, as some are in Falmouth and others in English Harbour. The huge courtesy flags on 1 boat were a sight to behold. It has been a good week and well worth attending if you are in the area.

Wonderful Large Courtesy Flags For Their Hosts

Last night we all joined the crew of ‘Eos’ on the mega yacht dock in Falmouth. The 20 crew hosted a dock party, which they had announced on the radio in the morning, providing a BBQ with shrimp, corn, burgers and chicken, a pile of chips and buckets of drink, including champagne. All extremely generous and they were wonderful hosts. One young lady had finished a finance degree in the UK but decided, without sailing experience, to do something different after graduating and has now spent 2 years on this amazing yacht, some 300 feet long, with 3 masts and costing 120 million US$. The crew even have a chef just to feed them and the boat is immaculate, with drapes covering the woodwork to protect it from the sun. Shortly they head for the Mediterranean for the Cannes Film Festival. What a life for all those young people.

Eos (Tiny People At The Stern May Give The Scale!)

They managed to encourage Rob into trying the ice luge although he didn’t need much encouragement as they tempted him with Jack Daniels. A huge ice block had 2 channels cut into it and the JD was poured in at the top, with the First Mate and Rob waiting at the bottom to drink it!

Never Too Old To Take On A Challenge!

This should be our last day here now, as we delayed by a day to get our safety equipment, the Jonbuoy, serviced locally and only noticed they were agents on Monday. Assuming it is ready on time today, we will clear out online before quickly visiting Customs this afternoon to print the form and pay the departure taxes. Then on tomorrow to Deshaies in Guadeloupe for a week exploring one of the few islands in the chain where we haven’t been ashore. We are hoping to meet up with Lin and Bob from Ile Jeudi 🙂

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4 Responses to Antigua – Races And Parties

  1. Donna and David says:

    We bypassed Antiqua for time reasons.
    In Martinique, hope we see you down the road.
    Go to the Botannical gardens at deshaies, it is fabulous.
    We rented a car while,there and drove about which was easy. If you do, take the coast road south.
    Donna and david

  2. Gwyneth says:

    Just read your latest blog and you obviously had a great time with Owen and Sian. I phoned Olwen last week and she is well and chatty! I am planning a visit to Hay in the Autumn with my cousins to visit Olwen. Have fun in the sun. I am cruising in the Med next month. xx

  3. Rhian says:

    Just back from the Botantic gardens and yes, really worth a visit 🙂 Hope to see ‘Merlin’ down the road and have a good holiday Gwyneth!

  4. Gwyneth says:

    Loved all the Botanical Gardens we visited and took lots of photos of the exotic flowers. Enjoyed your blog again and all your photos. xx

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