Antigua Classics

Over this Easter weekend we have been watching the parade of Classics in English Harbour and getting to a vantage site to see the racing taking place just outside Falmouth and English Harbours.

Exodus Taking Her Place In The Parade

Some of the boats are just beautiful but classics don’t have to be old as there are different classes and one includes new boats built in the traditional style, so no wonder they are gleaming.

J Class 'Rainbow'

On Good Friday we went ashore to find this sign outside the bar. Clearly not happy!

Don't Hold Back!

We have eaten the Cadbury’s Mini Eggs Owen brought us but otherwise it didn’t feel much like Easter!

Tonight several businesses based in Maine, USA, are hosting free drinks and lobster dinner at the Yacht Club and as we plan to sail there one summer, we thought it best to go along 🙂 It has been fun being here during Classics but we intend to head south mid-week and won’t be here for Sailing Week. Been a great stay in Antigua but 7 weeks is probably enough now.

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