Another Family Holiday Fortnight In Antigua

Owen and Siân arrived on time with British Airways last Sunday but I was still in the taxi watching their plane coming in to land due to a political rally along the route to the airport. It was refreshing to see so many people of all ages joining in the rally, dressed in either blue (government party) or red (the opposition) and travelling along in open trucks, waving flags and sounding the horns. The taxi driver informed me that it was time for another change, as promises hadn’t been kept, so that’s familiar!

First Morning - Swim In Paradise!

As Owen and Siân came out of arrivals I thought they had forgotten to pick up their luggage off the carousel but no, neither had brought more than 8 kg of baggage and had tiny holdalls, fit for hand luggage really and excellent for a boat! I bet they don’t wear all of it either ☺

For the first day we stayed on the mooring in Jolly Harbour, as it was calm and not rolly. By 0900 the next day they were swimming in the beautiful turquoise water off the beach, trying out their masks and snorkels and saying ‘Wow’ all the time. It certainly looks stunning and there were hundreds of shells for Rob to make his lampshade, as seen at the Fish & Chip Bus.

Sian's First Attempt At Snorkelling

Owen learnt to operate the dinghy and on Tuesday we moved onto the fuel dock to fill up our 3 empty tanks with water before heading off to Deep Bay. As there have been some northerly swells and quite windy days, the visibility wasn’t great but it improved vastly the second day until we could clearly see the seabed. A turtle watch was instigated as Siân was desperate to see one and we had 6 sightings one morning, much to her delight.

Just Sian And The Turquoise Sea

After dropping us off by dinghy to the sandy beach, Rob left us to swim and snorkel over the rocks, promising to come back for us when we waved. Well, we did wave. A lot. Eventually we gave up and swam back to the boat, a long way for a young girl who doesn’t swim much!

Beyzano A Long Swim Away

We have had a BBQ, scraped a few little barnacles off the hull, pumped the kayak up and paddled around the bay, hoisted the hammock, watched for the green flash and generally settled down in our favourite anchoring spot. Sian and I took a few beach toys ashore and played in the sand for a while. It is a safe beach without rocks and spiky urchins to hurt your feet. Some friends have joined us in the bay and ‘Pelerin’ came over for drinks one sundown.

The Dynamic Duo!

As the visibility was so good, all 4 of us dinghied over to the wreck in the middle of the bay and snorkelled over it, seeing lots of different fish, including a porcupine fish and a couple of trunk fish. We tie the dinghy to the mast but need to be careful not to tear it with the sharp metal. Siân was a bit nervous at first as it does look a bit spooky but she soon got distracted by the corals and fish, forgot her fear and gave the thumbs up. Owen and Rob dived down to the bottom but I can never get down without my weights. Something to do with fat around my rear according to Rob ☺

Niece Holding Tight To Her Auntie's Hand

We have been cooking a lot, making lime pie with a ginger nut biscuit base, a ginger cake, cinnamon pancakes for breakfast and sundowner punches. Welsh cakes are next on the menu, using her great-grandmother’s recipe. Siân is allergic to peanuts, so we are being very careful and checking the ingredients on everything she eats. Being very active all day means both guests are very hungry and tired! We had a girl’s movie afternoon with Lorrie from ‘Elephant’s Child’ watching ‘The Sound of Music’ for my umpteenth time 🙂

Owen Diving To The Wreck

We are now back in Jolly Harbour to get more provisions, do some laundry, visit the Fish & Chip Bus yet again and check the Internet for emails and weather. Then on to another lovely anchorage, which we have visited before, Carlisle Bay. Next stop will be Falmouth again, to get ashore and show them the dockyard and a busier harbour, plus a girl’s shopping and ice-cream trip. We plan to go further east if the winds die down, into Mamora Bay but otherwise will visit Cades Reef for the snorkelling and back to Falmouth for Classics. It would be great for Siân and Owen to see ‘Exodus’, the Carriacou Sloop we saw launched last Easter.

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  1. Gwyneth says:

    Just read your latest blog and you must be having a wonderful time together.
    sitting in my conservatory enjoying the sunshine and thinking about you all and watching TV which is showing a special Service of Remberance for The Hillsborough Disaster – 25 yrs ago today. It is taking place at Anfield Football Stadium in Liverpool.
    Enjoy your time together. Love x

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