Pink Sand On Barbuda

Since Kym arrived on Saturday the weather has been perfect, enabling us to get to Barbuda!

Beyz Anchored Off Barbuda's Low Bay

The first night she stayed up although it felt like 2am UK time to her and we had a BBQ at the Crow’s Nest at Jolly Harbour marina and listened to an excellent singer. The place has grown on us a bit since our initial poor impression but we still left the next morning to head back to Deep Bay for a couple of nights so we could snorkel in the clear water. The visibility was much better than last week and we could clearly see the wreck and lots of fish this time. A barracuda, lionfish and turtle were also at the site.

Viewing Deep Bay From The Fort - Beyz The Only Blue Boat!

As the kayak was pumped up, I went for an early morning paddle around the anchorage, followed by a swim, then breakfast. Later we all walked and scrambled up the cliff to the fort to view the anchorage and after all that exercise set up the hammock for some rest! We watched for the green flash and lit an evening BBQ.

Time To Rest!

The next morning we left at about 0700 to sail the 25 miles to Barbuda, north of Antigua. The swell was less than a metre, the wind was on the beam and no more than a force 4 and so we had a lovely sail. It is a very low lying island and only visible a few miles off but the coast has plenty of shoals and reefs some way out, so you need to arrive in good light and make sure you know where you are.

Low Bay Anchorage - Not Too Busy!

We arrived just after 1300 with the sun high in the sky and motored slowly through the reefs into Cocoa Bay, a huge sandy anchorage with plenty of space. Lots of turtles swam around the bay and the water was a stunning turquoise. The following day we motored around Palmetto Point into Low Bay where the sand is said to be of a pink hue and we landed the dinghy on the beach through the surf to check it out and see if we could see over the lagoon to the main town, Codrington. Again, the anchorage was almost empty with great holding.

Pink Sand On Low Bay - 11 Miles Of Gorgeous Beach

We were delighted to find the sand did actually look pink! The beach is glorious and empty and looks beautiful backed by the turquoise water. It really takes your breath away. At the northern end of the beach is a small hotel with just 9 rooms, called the Lighthouse Bay but be warned, 4 drinks cost us 50 GBP, the most expensive we have had in a very long time!

Lighthouse Bay Hotel

Sadly we didn’t have time to take a water taxi across the lagoon to Codrington, nor do a tour to see the caves or frigate birds but the next time there is calm weather we would love to go back and spend a few days exploring this unique island which is still resisting ‘modernisation’ and defending their traditional way of life.

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2 Responses to Pink Sand On Barbuda

  1. Claire Frank says:

    Hello from Barbuda, I live here and write the website so very pleased to see your pictures and read about your visit. Yes, next time get a water taxi into the village and see the rest of our amazing island. Good luck with your travels…

  2. Rhian says:

    Thanks Claire – we loved your stunning island and look forward to returning soon!

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